We Need Your Heart To Sing Its Song



Don’t cry too long

My little one

The world is waiting on your smile

Don’t listen to the midnight whispers

It is their way

To make things dark

Don’t feel

That other hearts are hardened

Sometimes they need

To take a rest

Don’t wish that you were someone


This life is only meant to test.

Don’t think

That you are somehow chosen

For all the trials in the world

Don’t cry too long

My little urchin

We need your heart to sing

Its song.


bobby stevenson 2016


3 thoughts on “We Need Your Heart To Sing Its Song

  1. wow…love that poem man…that’s good stuff…when you have a moment check out some of my poems- if and when you some time- you will probably run into something that makes you think…and outside of poetry this is in part why i write poems- how i arrived here- my narrative that i’ve written- puddle deep- which connects in many ways to this picture- as does this picture weave throughout my life- banksy is a major influence of mine…and the fact that you put words to one of his pieces- that would also do justice to banksy’s vision of art- is impressive and well done….

    here is the link- in case you’re interested…thanks! – anthony

    keep writing and following the vision of your voice….


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