The Cuckoo Killers

They had planned the invasion, a long, long time ago.

Yet all the Hollywood movies had always shown the same story: a large shadow above the White House, or Big Ben or the Great Wall. Above those shadows would always be the biggest flying fortress ever seen.

The aliens, or monsters, only had one plan and that was to blow the crap out of everyone and everything. If you think about it, there is a flaw in that thinking – the intelligence and the sophistication to have built those ships in the first place, probably diminishes the thoughts that these monsters were killing machines. But it serves the human arrogance well, that we are the clever ones, and the others are the enemy.

So, if we go back to the story, about their well thought out invasion, then I have to say that it was as subtle as it was devastating.

When we realised they were there, it was too late to do much about it. They could have been called the Body Snatchers, like some old horror movie from the 1950s, but instead they were named the Cuckoo Killers. They dumped their seeds in the countryside over years. Seeds that would be breathed in by everyone, but only ingested by pregnant woman.

And there is the truth. They were, are, inside most of us.

And the battle has started. They are here because they are us. You can’t look at a friend or neighbour and tell.

All you can do is, on a sunny day, turn and look at your own shadow.

If you see what I think you will see, then it is already too late.

And yes, they are monsters.


bobby stevenson 2017


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