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That Day

That Day, started like any other day. The sun came up, I had a coffee, we argued about money and I went to work.

That Day, progressed like any other day. I worried about our life, our home, our family and how I was going to apologise to you for my faults.

That Day, was just a normal day. I knew what I would say when I got home. I had organized in my mind where I would get the flowers and what colours they would be.

That Day, I realized that I hadn’t told you how much I had loved you in a long, long time.

That Day, I thought of all the petty arguments that I had with folks, both close and far from me.

That Day, I tried to work out how to be a happier person, how to have more time for people.

That Day, I decided to put things right with friends and family.

That Day, I stepped off the bus and didn’t see the car.


bobby stevenson 2017



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