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Seventy Times Around The Sun

“Nothing is stranger or more ticklish than a relationship between people who know each other only by sight, who meet and observe each other daily – no hourly – and are nevertheless compelled to keep up the pose of an indifferent stranger, neither greeting nor addressing each other, whether out of etiquette or their own whim.” ― Thomas Mann He always left work at exactly … Continue reading Seventy Times Around The Sun

Dirty River Mansions: Jeremiah’s Story

His house was the furthest from the river and it did Jeremiah good to know it was so. “I hate the water, hate the water, hate, hate, hate, the water,” was his little song that no one ever paid any attention to. It was also obvious was that when you brushed close to Jeremiah that he also did not like soap. But he had the … Continue reading Dirty River Mansions: Jeremiah’s Story

The Promise

When you fall, I will catch you, When you call, I will be there, When you stumble, I will lift you, When you’re drowning, give you air, When you hurt then I will hold you, When you break, I’ll make you whole, When you’re down, I’ll make you smile, When you’re lost I’ll be your goal, When you’re weak, I’ll make the world turn, When … Continue reading The Promise

To Catch A Warm Wind

So you’re asking me what’s the story of this photograph, and I’m saying to you, just rest your bones a while and I’ll tell you. ______________________________ In the old days, and by that she meant the old Savannah days, her Grandma would sit Alice on her knee and sing her a song that came from long, long before her Grandma Catherine was born. The family … Continue reading To Catch A Warm Wind

The Last Human

We are only memories. I have memories as a kid, at least I think I do. About being with my mother when I was about four or five years of age, and we were crossing a bridge over a rail track. It was a winter sun and the air was as fresh as daisies. I could hear the ‘fut-fut-fut’ of the approaching steam train, whistling … Continue reading The Last Human

The Letter

You know. I know you know. It’s just whether you remember the facts or not. The thing is, I must have learned to write and then I learned to live. We kind of knew it was always going to be that way – didn’t we? Am I getting ahead of myself? Probably. I was always getting ahead. So I’ll just start at the beginning like … Continue reading The Letter

Honey On The Thorn

As you reach out, You’re already asking yourself if it’s all Too far, And as your tongue stretches to taste the honey, You know that the searing pain will follow, Cutting deeper than your heart can take , But who among us, Can resist? And as the blood drips from the wound, And you slam your eyes tightly, Tightly shut, Promising yourself it’s for the … Continue reading Honey On The Thorn

Stones Under The Snow

She used to sit on her Grandpa’s knee and he’d hold her so tight like she was the only person in the world that ever mattered. Whatever the payment was to get on his knee, tears or frowns, when she was up there she felt safe. Nothing could ever hurt her there. She would run her hand through his thick white hair and giggle at … Continue reading Stones Under The Snow

This Year’s Love

This year some people will leave your life And new ones will enter This year some dreams will vanish And others, not thought of, will come out of the sun This year you’ll make mistakes And you’ll survive them all This year you’ll win some things and you’ll lose some things This year some friends will fail to understand And some will grow to love … Continue reading This Year’s Love

Someone Else’s Perfect

Don’t waste your breath, Being someone else’s perfect, Don’t struggle or crawl across Someone else’s winning line, Make it your own race, Win or lose, the rules are yours, Please, please, don’t waste your life Being someone else’s perfect, Breathe in deep, let go and be free.   bobby stevenson 2016 Save Save Save Continue reading Someone Else’s Perfect

My Final Place

There had been an old Star Trek episode once, where the world was about to end in destruction and people could select (by the aid of a time-machine) a place to go in the past where they would survive – albeit, among strangers, and among people who did things differently – well, the past was like that. And that, my friends, just about sums up … Continue reading My Final Place


Everyone knows where Goodlands is. It’s not too far from where you’ve been and not too close to where you’re going. It’s the kinda place where you find what you’re looking for, one way or another. And so it was on that Saturday, “Jalopy Saturday” as the Sheriff called it. “Always frightening those damned horses, what with all their tooting, and smoking and noise of … Continue reading Goodlands

Maybe Next Time

The next time, I’ll say ‘hi’ when that moment first arises The next time, I’ll cross the street before the trouble starts The next time, I won’t put the money on that horse that lost me everything The next time, I’ll go with whom I love rather than who you said I should The next time, I will tell you that I’m unhappy and not … Continue reading Maybe Next Time

Bullying Never Sleeps

There was a man with the large dog who would watch and wait and make the boy run indoors. Then the man would smile, chuckle to himself and walk off. Everyday, that happened. Everyday to a young boy. Then the boy started going to school and at least he wouldn’t see the man and the dog again. But there were bigger monsters in the school. … Continue reading Bullying Never Sleeps

A Simple Truth

“You get to everyday by winning, you know that don’t you?” Was what she used to say to us kids, when we’d taken a tumble or were feeling real low. “So don’t you be telling me you failed, or nothing as stupid as that,” she’d say, just before she’d give you a smile that could span an ocean. “You ain’t done wrong and you ain’t … Continue reading A Simple Truth

Me and Buzz and the Geetars

One night over by Cripple Creek when Buzz was working as a Bus Boy in Mama Leone’s Fish Factory, I went by to see how things were doing. That place was dead, I mean real dead, I mean as dead as Jimmy Manson wanting to play quarterback after that photo of him dressed as Shirley Temple went around the team; that dead. “S’up?” I said … Continue reading Me and Buzz and the Geetars

The Tin Can That Loved

What happened to her and why she was there, would always be a mystery. Sadie, on the other hand, could remember everything about her time in the house. When Sadie had found the child, she had been wrapped in an old sweater, and had been placed on a step at the front door. She didn’t cry at all – the baby only smiled and gurgled. … Continue reading The Tin Can That Loved

Strange Freedoms

TOMMY Tommy lived in a town where you had to be one thing or another. That was the way it was, that was the way it had probably always been. There was no room for neutrals, no room at all. The folks who lived on the north side of the street gave their allegiances to the blue team and those on the south gave theirs … Continue reading Strange Freedoms

The Boy Who Loved To Handstand

Charlie lived in grey house which stood in a grey street which weaved its way through a grey town. He wasn’t an unhappy kid – on the contrary, Charlie saw the world both as beautiful and crazy all at the same time. But where Charlie was alone was in the way he looked at the world. He knew that there was more to life than … Continue reading The Boy Who Loved To Handstand

Brighter Days

The smell of the coffee lured her in and so she sat blowing on the steam from her cup. The war had only been over a handful of weeks but already she felt that things were better. Bravely, she took a sip and looked out over the Boardwalk knowing that what lay ahead were brighter days. ———— He was going to hitch all the way … Continue reading Brighter Days

You’ll Make It,I know You Will

You’ll make it, I know you will, You’ve come too far and now is not the time. If only you stopped and thought about it all The walls you’ve climbed, all the troubles crossed All the failures faced, all the little victories Look into the eyes of those beside you The woman at the table The man in the street It’s there, deep-set perhaps – … Continue reading You’ll Make It,I know You Will

Light At The End Of A Glasgow Day

His nostrils filled with the November smoke from a thousand chimneys as he turned down into Byres Road. This being the second Wednesday in the month meant it was his turn to open up and get the heating on; it wasn’t too much to ask, but it still annoyed him. Here he was, a student at the university, the first in the family as far … Continue reading Light At The End Of A Glasgow Day

Everyone Matters

I remember that day we said goodbye, The day I asked you if there were any regrets, You said, you wished you had realised sooner That everyone matters. The thing is, I didn’t know what you meant then – But I do now. Who has any idea how much oxygen a person brings to your life Or how much you bring to theirs? You have … Continue reading Everyone Matters

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Olivia was woken by what she thought were people arguing in the kitchen, below. She quickly dressed and ran down the wooden stairs to see if she could help. To be honest, Olivia was a curious little girl, some might say ‘nosey’ even, but this isn’t the time or place to air those thoughts. As she got to the bottom of the stairs, she could … Continue reading Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Zoot and Sandy and Thinking

Sandy the elephant and Zoot the dog were, without doubt, the best of pals in the whole wide world. They loved to sit by the river and watch time floating past their little seat. Sandy was being particularly thoughtful that morning. “What’s bothering you, buddy?” Asked Zoot the dog. “Nothing much pal, nothing much. Just sitting here wondering, that’s all. It ain’t a crime, now … Continue reading Zoot and Sandy and Thinking

My Grandma’s Radio

He delivered it, all pleased with himself, the night of the electrical storm which stretched all the way across three counties. Old Jake had nothing else to give his sister, my grandmother, on her wedding day. It lived proudly in the corner of the room and worked its way into being part of the family. The night my father was born, my grandfather cranked it … Continue reading My Grandma’s Radio

The Wee Happy Man

photo: loch Etive In that hot summer of 1921, we returned to Glencoe in Scotland; this time we were missing a brother but he would always be with us. In the glorious years before the Great War, I and my brothers, Grahame and Jack would spend long summers climbing the mountains around Rannoch and the Black Mount. Each year our grandfather would take us boys … Continue reading The Wee Happy Man

The Dust Road

As they drove the last few miles, the wind grew warmer And he closed his eyes, fixing his mind on that evening When they celebrated with a party Everyone was there that night, alive and well Taking joy in each others’ company Never thinking that things would change so much That fixed point in his head was where he ran to When the days were … Continue reading The Dust Road

The American Friend

She loved him. That much of the story is true. I know that because it’s written in green ink in her diary. Why else would I be taking her ashes half way across the world? She, Sarah my mother, met him, Donald the American, early in 1965. In those days the national anthem ‘God Save the Queen’ was played at the end of a movie. … Continue reading The American Friend

Thing and the Star Whisperers

Thing sat watching, just like he always had, just like he always would, waiting on his mother and father to return, and for them all to be a family once again. Sometimes Thing got so caught up in his own loneliness that he forgot all about the good stuff in his life; that, happened to everyone, he guessed. One night, just as the sky was … Continue reading Thing and the Star Whisperers