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A Brilliant Life

(I am happy to inform you that your piece, ‘A Brilliant Life’, has been selected for a community reading group project at the University of Northampton. ‘A Brilliant Life’ will not be sold and will be used for educational purposes only, but — as you hold the copyright to your stories — it is up to you to give permission for its use. If you … Continue reading A Brilliant Life

2018 – Next Year’s Love

Next year some people will leave your life And new ones will enter Next year some dreams will vanish And others, not thought of, will come out of the sun Next year you’ll make mistakes And you’ll survive them all Next year you’ll win some things and you’ll lose some things Next year some friends will fail to understand And some will grow to love … Continue reading 2018 – Next Year’s Love

The Inscription

No one, and I mean no one, had ever seen the likes of the inscription before. It had lain undiscovered in a small cave on the north shore until Roman times. There were those who thought that it was written by the ancients – whoever they were meant to be. The curious and the deluded, would beat paths to the cave to declare it a … Continue reading The Inscription

A Hollow Moon

Even although I’m writing this on my deathbed, you’re probably still not going to believe me but I have to tell someone. It’s about what we discovered back then. Long before Neil Armstrong and all the rest of those suckers stepped on the Moon. It must have started around the time I heard my first Elvis’ record. The world was changing, what we knew was … Continue reading A Hollow Moon

The House on Finnart Street

photo: Greenock, west coast of Scotland. What follows is a true tale – kind of.  The house had belonged to a brewing family who had commissioned it to be built when Victoria was still on the throne. However, by the 1930s they had all scattered far and wide in the world and the house lay empty for several years. It began to gain a reputation … Continue reading The House on Finnart Street

The Beautiful Game

I guess there are two parts to this story. The first half, is how we met, and how we became the best of friends. The second part is where, and when, it all fell apart. I’d like to start with the happier story first. When Cy first turned up, I had no idea. No idea what, or who, he was. All I’d ever wanted to … Continue reading The Beautiful Game

Lassoing the Moon

(for Jim – the King of the Kings Arms) The two of them sat at the shaky table in the Bright Water Café. They always chose this table as it gave Jake and his grandfather a chance to come up with ways to stop its unruly behaviour. Usually they would stick some folded paper under the short leg, but if they didn’t bother with that … Continue reading Lassoing the Moon

The Titanic in New York City – Adel and Dirk

Wednesday April 17th, 1912 Pier 60. NY,NY. That Wednesday morning, the sun shone, and a gentle breeze blew in from the sea. As far as Adel was concerned, she had everything in life she wanted. She lived in Brighton Beach at the bottom end of Brooklyn, and she had a job painting decorations on the rides at Coney Island. She had been in New York … Continue reading The Titanic in New York City – Adel and Dirk

A Story From A Room

Once upon a long ago, a man walked into a room. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the place – it was just a room. Simple as that. The first time the man walked into the room, he had spent too long listening to those who talk about darkness. Those are the souls who live, work, breathe, and create darkness. Their glass is always half-empty … Continue reading A Story From A Room


Thing was trying to remember when it all changed between the Creek boys at the bottom of the hill and himself. It was probably something to do with that snowball. In the hot sultry days of summer, Thing and his gang of kids played at the Creek almost every day. In the winter they slid down the mountain snow in races of two or three. … Continue reading STONES IN A SNOWBALL

The Doll

I can’t honestly remember who first called her, ‘The Doll’. If memory serves me well (and it usually doesn’t) I think it was her Aunt May “You, young‘un, are the sweetest, kindest little doll, I ever did see,” she’d say, then kiss her on the lips. So the name stuck, and although she had two more sisters (just as sweet), she was the one always … Continue reading The Doll

Coming Home

When he stepped from the train, there was still a heat in the air. He could smell the fields, and the soil and as he looked across the platform he was sure he could see his father walking up to the station to meet him. But like everything else in his life, they were all gone, a long time ago. He’d been back for his … Continue reading Coming Home

The Perfect Seconds

It has been said that a man dies twice. Once, when his heart stops beating, and the second time, when his name is mentioned for the very last time. It was that final point which obsessed him, especially now – when he thought of what he was going to face. The plain, raw, truth of it all. The only anti-dote he had for his problems … Continue reading The Perfect Seconds

The Heart Academy

That long hot summer of 1927, which now seems lost in the past, felt as if it went on forever. Folks took cover under trees, and left feet dangling in streams, while the kids ran barefoot along the riverbanks, throwing stones at imaginary creatures. As Jake made his way down into the valley, he noticed how the sun had bleached most of the wooden posts. … Continue reading The Heart Academy

The Strange Case of Jack the Zipper

1.Introduction I have been living beneath the strange man who lives upstairs, nigh on ten months now. There is much comings and goings at all times of the night, and although I have reported such extravagances to the authorities, I have been informed that Mister Holmes is a singular man and as such, is prone to eccentricities. Mrs Hudson, his housekeeper (if indeed that is … Continue reading The Strange Case of Jack the Zipper

Santa’s Last Present

At the end of it all, he always felt the same, he could sleep for a year (at least) except he’d be needed long before then. Mistress Claus knew what to expect. He’d be grumpy and tired and full of stories of what went wrong here, or what went right there. He never found the reindeer any company, those kids were working flat-out and there … Continue reading Santa’s Last Present

Desert Ice

Marcie’s dog did nothing but bark that night. That little mutt – which always smelt of piss – I reckoned was just showing its final ‘how-do-you-do’ before going over. I knew something was wrong, I mean real wrong, and I could feel it in the pit of my riddled stomach. I ain’t talking about the dog,’ cause I gave up worrying about such things a … Continue reading Desert Ice


The name of the first one was Sadie. That would have been sometime during the Civil War, probably around 1863. There was a story that some Confederate troops on their way back from Vicksburg had taken the family hostage. When Sadie’s parents heard the news of some stragglers heading towards their home, her father had made them all take shelter in the cellar. It was … Continue reading Hallowe’en.

A Conversation On The Stairs

I think I knew it was him, just from the way he stood The sun was at his back as he quietly walked down the stairs The toes slightly facing in and his gait shifted forwards. The sun caught the dust dancing in eddies and whirlpools of light but I could see that the head was up and looking straight forward. That’s what confused me … Continue reading A Conversation On The Stairs

The Minute Man

It had been a rough week, and for the first time in a long time, he closed his eyes and just drifted away. “Do you want the usual?” Came a call from another room. “I said, do you want a black coffee?” Called the same voice. It took everything for him to reply. “Just black, please.” He closed his eyes once more, the relaxation was … Continue reading The Minute Man