The Man Who Smiled At Stars

To all those who look at the night sky and smile. Where we lived doesn’t really matter much, ‘cept to say that you could spit into another State from our porch. That was where my granddaddy sat thinking most days and most nights. He just cogitated – “yep, I’m sitting here just running things about my great big head,” was how he’d usually greet me. … Continue reading The Man Who Smiled At Stars

The Street With No Name

She lived on a street with no name; the street that is, not her. She was called Conchita and she had spent all her life on the no-name street. When she was young, her mother took her to a fair and there they met a fortune-teller who said that Conchita would never know real happiness. Her mother crossed the woman’s palm with a silver coin … Continue reading The Street With No Name

The Sky Watcher

He knew what it meant. His grandfather had mentioned it to him during their walks. His grandfather had squeezed his hand tightly one night as they were looking at the moon and said, ‘keep watching the skies’. And he had. “Promise me.” And he had kept his promise. Ever since he could remember, ever since his grandfather had told him the story, he had done … Continue reading The Sky Watcher

Honey On The Thorn

As you reach out, You’re already asking yourself if it’s all Too far, And as your tongue stretches to taste the honey, You know that the searing pain will follow, Cutting deeper than your heart can take , But who among us, Can resist? And as the blood drips from the wound, And you slam your eyes tightly, Tightly shut, Promising yourself it’s for the … Continue reading Honey On The Thorn

Thing and The Night

Thing missed being back at the cave. It was the one place that he knew his Mother and Father would eventually return. He had given up waiting on them and had struck out to see what was at the end of the world. Thing wouldn’t be gone forever, all he had to do was reach the horizon and then come home. That was his plan … Continue reading Thing and The Night

Secret Things, Sweet Things

Secret Things She awoke, as she did every morning to the sound of the muffled, shouting voice and the door being unlocked before repeatedly kicked. Slivers of sunlight were all that her young eyes could understand until she reached for the old spectacles that were her only possession. She was in the garden shed as this was where she lived. There was another kick, usually … Continue reading Secret Things, Sweet Things

Richard Hannay and the Boy from Greenock

He turned for one last time to look at the farmhouse. This little beauty was nestled at the bottom of Corlic Hill: always welcoming and always the happiest place in the world for a boy to grow up. Anyone who had made their way this far out into the country could find a cup of tea and something to eat in this little haven, before … Continue reading Richard Hannay and the Boy from Greenock

Stones Under The Snow

She used to sit on her Grandpa’s knee and he’d hold her so tight like she was the only person in the world that ever mattered. Whatever the payment was to get on his knee, tears or frowns, when she was up there she felt safe. Nothing could ever hurt her there. She would run her hand through his thick white hair and giggle at … Continue reading Stones Under The Snow

I Will Remember You

I will remember you when the best of you has gone I will remember you when the song you loved is sung I will remember you when I stand on hills where we once walked I will remember you and your laughter as we talked I will remember you and all the kindness that was shown I will remember you when your tired soul has … Continue reading I Will Remember You

The Man Who Wore His Coat Indoors

He was a guy. Just a guy. That was the beginning and end of it. He loved football, drinking, singing, and making a mess of himself on a Saturday night. So why did he end up being this way? I mean, his only ambition was to get from Monday to Friday in the quickest time possible. Okay, he knew that sounded stupid, but that was … Continue reading The Man Who Wore His Coat Indoors

The Private War of Bobby Falkirk

Which war he went to (and came back from), isn’t important here, it’s just important to know that Bobby came back in one piece – well almost. His head was intact, as was his body – but it was a plain and simple fact that his brain and heart didn’t really communicate that well with each other. Whose does? Ever since he was old enough … Continue reading The Private War of Bobby Falkirk

In a Heartbeat

In a heartbeat, The car turned the corner too fast, and turned over, The last thing the mother did was scold her Son for chewing loudly.   In a heartbeat The lonely girl bumped into the guy – who was leaving For good – and she wasn’t lonely any more “It’s funny how we met,” she told her children.   In a heartbeat He smiled … Continue reading In a Heartbeat

This Year’s Love

This year some people will leave your life And new ones will enter This year some dreams will vanish And others, not thought of, will come out of the sun This year you’ll make mistakes And you’ll survive them all This year you’ll win some things and you’ll lose some things This year some friends will fail to understand And some will grow to love … Continue reading This Year’s Love

The Cloud Climber

Stan had a brilliant job, one that many people would have given their back teeth to have. People were always telling him – “that’s the kind of job I’d like to have Stan.” Stan would just smile and move on. Ever since he was a kid, Stan had always wanted to be a cloud-climber. “That’s pie in the sky,” folks would say. “Your head’s in … Continue reading The Cloud Climber

Jeremiah and The Birds

He wasn’t sure if he was the last man left or not. He hadn’t heard from any other living soul in about 45 full moons and Jeremiah wasn’t even sure what the current month would have been called in the old days. It still felt warmish, so it was probably August or September. Although that didn’t mean much now, it was only when you shared … Continue reading Jeremiah and The Birds

Some of the 100 Word Stories

Paris, 1940. There was still the smell of cigars on her coat as she took that one last walk. The dinner party at the little bistro in Neuilly had been everything she’d hoped it would be. Somewhere over by the woods she could hear a wind chime; its one last defiance in playing a pretty tune. They would be here soon and it was the … Continue reading Some of the 100 Word Stories

Zoot and Sandy and the Birds

As always, Sandy the elephant and Zoot the dog were the best of pals in the whole wide world and were sitting by the river. “Them things in the sky,” said Zoot. “The birds?” Asked Sandy. “Yup, the birds, do you think they are happy?” “I guess so,” said Sandy. “Why wouldn’t they be?” “I wish I could fly,” said Zoot. Sandy smiled to himself … Continue reading Zoot and Sandy and the Birds

Someone Else’s Perfect

Don’t waste your breath, Being someone else’s perfect, Don’t struggle or crawl across Someone else’s winning line, Make it your own race, Win or lose, the rules are yours, Please, please, don’t waste your life Being someone else’s perfect, Breathe in deep, let go and be free.   bobby stevenson 2016 Save Save Save Continue reading Someone Else’s Perfect

The Troubadour

Stories. That was all she had, that was all she would ever have. The ability to create worlds, and fill them with colour and life, and give those listening something near hope. The saddest thing about her ability was that she could create alternative lives, so clear in her mind that they could almost be real, and in those lives were another her, another more … Continue reading The Troubadour

Skiing In Central Park

I don’t think there was a precise time when you could say that they actually met; instead it would be more accurate to say that they rubbed against each other’s lives from the moment they were born. Kitty and Jethro were born in the same week to families who lived next door to each other. They grew up together, sat in the same school rooms, … Continue reading Skiing In Central Park

One Day I Passed Perfection

The smell of shoe polish and summer, The taste of dandelion and burdock lemonade, The sun as rosy red as it ever was, My grandmother’s arm around me Kissing the top of my head, The days of leaving home for school Knowing everyone who mattered would still be there. The Beano and Dandy on a Thursday, Man from Uncle and Top Of The Pops. One … Continue reading One Day I Passed Perfection

How Simon Got His Happiness Back

Simon was a simple lad with no grudges against the world. He was a happy boy who only wanted to the best for his friends and family. One night when Simon went to his bed, he decided to look at his phone and, for no reason, on Social Media he wrote the words ‘Black Is Black and White is White’ and he meant it in … Continue reading How Simon Got His Happiness Back

Every Breath You Take

His name was Charlie and he was a kid. Charlie was lucky enough to be living through his best years. His mother, father, brother and sisters were all well, all happy, and all in that little perfect bubble that happens from time to time in life. When Charlie was eight, he had his first birthday party which involved all his friends coming to his house. … Continue reading Every Breath You Take

A Child of a Lesser God

The full moon had formed over Thing’s cave 12 times when he decided that enough was enough. He now realised that his mother and father were not coming back home. Where ever they were, he hoped with all his heart that they were happy. That night, Thing sat at the mouth of his cave and thought about all the stuff that concerned him. He needed … Continue reading A Child of a Lesser God

A Story From A Room

Once upon a long ago, a man walked into a room. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the place – it was just a room. Simple as that. The first time the man walked into the room, he had spent too long listening to those who talk about darkness. Those are the souls who live, work, breathe, and create darkness. Their glass is always half-empty … Continue reading A Story From A Room

Touching Gravity

(I believe this is a true story) Where I am today, I can trace all the way back to that time on the mountain. I suppose there are many people with similar stories but this one had so much impact on the rest of my life that I still think about it every day. Prior to the mountain, I was just a guy who rarely … Continue reading Touching Gravity


Everyone knows where Goodlands is. It’s not too far from where you’ve been and not too close to where you’re going. It’s the kinda place where you find what you’re looking for, one way or another. And so it was on that Saturday, “Jalopy Saturday” as the Sheriff called it. “Always frightening those damned horses, what with all their tooting, and smoking and noise of … Continue reading Goodlands

Maybe Next Time

The next time, I’ll say ‘hi’ when that moment first arises The next time, I’ll cross the street before the trouble starts The next time, I won’t put the money on that horse that lost me everything The next time, I’ll go with whom I love rather than who you said I should The next time, I will tell you that I’m unhappy and not … Continue reading Maybe Next Time

The Shoreham Stories – 1

THE SHOREHAM WILD ONES I suppose it all started on that wet Wednesday, at the cinema on St John’s Hill. Mavis had been walking up towards town when it had started to rain and had nothing to keep her head dry. Mavis had never been into one of those racy films before, certainly not one with an X certificate but she liked the look of … Continue reading The Shoreham Stories – 1

The Secret of Life

He wondered if maybe everyone else in the world knew the answer to it the question, and that perhaps he had been in the restroom when they were all being told. He couldn’t see why everyone else was able to smile, walk and talk at the same time and he found it impossible. Life was stupid, and sad, and basically it got him down. He … Continue reading The Secret of Life


Thing was trying to remember when it all changed between the Creek boys at the bottom of the hill and himself. It was probably something to do with that snowball. In the hot sultry days of summer, Thing and his gang of kids played at the Creek almost every day. In the winter they slid down the mountain snow in races of two or three. … Continue reading STONES IN A SNOWBALL

A Place Called Hope

‘What makes anyone do anything?’ That was what she thought as she stepped off the bus. She hadn’t meant to get off at that particular stop, but the large woman by the window seat had asked to be let out. The funny thing is that the large woman looked out the window, tutted, and sat down at another seat. Karen was already standing and so … Continue reading A Place Called Hope

Greenock Story: The Glass Red Rose

There was an old road, they called it ‘the Roman road’, which led there once upon a time. The farm, like the family, used to stand proud and shiny as it looked hopefully towards the loch. There’s nothing much of it left now, just a shell that keeps the wind and rain from the lonely hill-walker. But a long, long time ago, probably before you … Continue reading Greenock Story: The Glass Red Rose

The Fireman

In the early days of the next war, a story arose, an urban legend, about a person they called the Fireman. He had been given that name because of the stories of him putting out fires which had spontaneously erupted in the Mohawk Valley; that was the night that the mushroom cloud had first appeared over Stone City, a place about fifty miles away. Lit … Continue reading The Fireman

Our Home by the Railroad

If I’m being real honest, the house wasn’t as grand as you see it now. Back then it was built with love, sweat and tears and over the longest of times; if I’m guessing, I’d probably say nearer seven years than six. Christopher Lawson made his money from a store in town – one that he and his wife lived above – and one, that … Continue reading Our Home by the Railroad

The Photograph of Me

The kid in the middle, the one hiding, was Gene, he got shot in some war, somewhere. It was the only thing he ever did that anyone was ever proud of. Gene spent most of his life hiding and blaming others. The one on the right was Jackson. He was my best bud – I mean the kind of pal who would lay down his … Continue reading The Photograph of Me

A Street in Rye

In the years between the Wars, those golden years, each August my family would visit my grandmother in Rye; a little town on the south coast of England. Both her and my grandfather had always lived by the sea. My grandfather, Good Old Charlie (as he was known) had spent his life working at Rye railway station. Together they had brought up five children. One, … Continue reading A Street in Rye

Krystal and The Astral Vikings

The Start When she was a child, she ran with the wind and loved the Sun on her face. Back then, the world was an exotic mixture of colours, smells and wonderment and she took every opportunity to drink them all in – every single one of them. Life was electricity when you were starting out; love, hope, fear, and happiness were all painted in … Continue reading Krystal and The Astral Vikings

Weird London – Three Stories

The Private War of Bobby Falkirk Which war he went to (and came back from), isn’t important here, it’s just important to know that Bobby came back in one piece – well almost. His head was intact, as was his body – but it was a plain and simple fact that his brain and heart didn’t really communicate that well with each other. Whose does? … Continue reading Weird London – Three Stories

Bullying Never Sleeps

There was a man with the large dog who would watch and wait and make the boy run indoors. Then the man would smile, chuckle to himself and walk off. Everyday, that happened. Everyday to a young boy. Then the boy started going to school and at least he wouldn’t see the man and the dog again. But there were bigger monsters in the school. … Continue reading Bullying Never Sleeps

The Last Cowboy (the start)

His spring and summer were now only dust on the bonfires of life, and as he looked out at the horizon, he knew more and more that it would no longer stretch on forever. He had been young and vital once, and his dreams would have powered a city, but the lamps had dulled, and the curtains were drawn and it was going to be … Continue reading The Last Cowboy (the start)

A Simple Truth

“You get to everyday by winning, you know that don’t you?” Was what she used to say to us kids, when we’d taken a tumble or were feeling real low. “So don’t you be telling me you failed, or nothing as stupid as that,” she’d say, just before she’d give you a smile that could span an ocean. “You ain’t done wrong and you ain’t … Continue reading A Simple Truth

Distant Lights

Lights on the road had always meant different things to him. When he’d been bad, it was his father’s car coming up the drive and the punishment that followed. On his birthdays, it was the promise of what lay behind those car lights and what was hidden in the car. That night, the night when he and his first love took the taxi to that … Continue reading Distant Lights

The Thursday Angel

She had been born on Christmas Day. As the woman with the watery eye had mentioned to her mother, “She is your little Christmas gift, your little bundle of joy”. And she was. She had grown in a very happy home, and that joy had penetrated her very bones. She had grown in body and soul and stood tall as one of life’s darlings. She … Continue reading The Thursday Angel

Cracked Hearts & Walking Wounded

Cracked Hearts She washes her mother with water and with love. Gently caressing the body that looks like someone she once knew, but her mother’s mind has already gone ahead and waits for the soul to return. She cleans away the saliva from the mouth that once used to chastise and kiss and smile. He dreads the sun coming up as it means another day … Continue reading Cracked Hearts & Walking Wounded

Noises In The Sky

Separately they would have amounted to nothing more than a curiosity, but together, well, that was a different matter. Together they spelled the change of everything that was known. For years there had been reports of humming noises from the skies, sometimes it sounded like distant thunder, other times it was more like a ‘heavenly organ’ – as one pastor from Minnesota had described the … Continue reading Noises In The Sky

The Man Who Knew Where Love Was Hidden

There had always been wars. Even in the times of love and hope, there was always a reason to kill. From the 17th century onwards, wars got more complex: families fought families, brother against brother, rich against poor. If you were to ask when love started dying, it was probably at the dawn of the 20th century. For that was when Captain James Sandford, a … Continue reading The Man Who Knew Where Love Was Hidden

Me and Buzz and Skinny Dippin’

What can you say about your bestest pal in this whole wide world, when he gets arrested for being nake-it in the middle of town? ‘Not much’, is what the judge said. “You were standing there, in front of the preacher and his good wife, nake-it as the day you were born. What have you got to say for yourself?” Buzz was thinking that because … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Skinny Dippin’

Be Happy, Pal

Be happy, pal, Don’t just Smile for others The years are eaten up that way, And the emptiness will lie beyond When those you smile to Go away.   I know you’re young And won’t have time To understand what I have to say  – Just don’t Sell your soul For the sake of others Accept yourself in every way.   bobby stevenson 2016 wee … Continue reading Be Happy, Pal

Me and Buzz and Runnin’ For President

I guess it all seems kinda obvious now knowin’ what Buzz was gonna become – but back then, we didn’t have no idea, I kid you not. When Buzz told me that as a good lookin’ kid it was probably beholdin’ to him to run for office. I was thinkin’ that Buzz had surely gone a bit crazy like. But then I was always thinkin’ … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Runnin’ For President

This Year’s Love

This year some people will leave your life And new ones will enter This year some dreams will vanish And others, not thought of, will come out of the sun This year you’ll make mistakes And you’ll survive them all This year you’ll win some things and you’ll lose some things This year some friends will fail to understand And some will grow to love … Continue reading This Year’s Love

Mister Brilliant (for Lily on her birthday)

His real name was Cuthbert Dogoody but to everyone else he was simply known as Mister Brilliant. He’d never had the easiest of lives, had Cuthbert. When he was five years of age his father ran away to sea – at least that’s what his mother had told him – the truth of the matter was that his father moved in with a young blonde … Continue reading Mister Brilliant (for Lily on her birthday)

The Ballad Of The Quiet Man

He said nothing, not a word ever passed his lips, He just sat in the peace and quiet with a Mona Lisa smile, One cold day the Angry People passed his way All shouting about this and that and the other They stopped and asked the quiet man if he was angry too He said not a word and the Angry People liked that “This … Continue reading The Ballad Of The Quiet Man

The Doll

I can’t honestly remember who first called her, ‘The Doll’. If memory serves me well (and it usually doesn’t) I think it was her Aunt May “You, young‘un, are the sweetest, kindest little doll, I ever did see,” she’d say, then kiss her on the lips. So the name stuck, and although she had two more sisters (just as sweet), she was the one always … Continue reading The Doll

Strange Freedoms

TOMMY Tommy lived in a town where you had to be one thing or another. That was the way it was, that was the way it had probably always been. There was no room for neutrals, no room at all. The folks who lived on the north side of the street gave their allegiances to the blue team and those on the south gave theirs … Continue reading Strange Freedoms

Beautifully Broken

Sara stepped out the front door with an artificial spring in her step. Whatever happened in life, you had to turn up and shut up; her grandfather had taught her that. Her daughter, Willow, ran down the stairs and caught her mother’s hand as they stepped into the world. Sara didn’t know, as the two of them walked up the street, that her seven-year-old daughter … Continue reading Beautifully Broken

Just Love

It’s a very short life, And an amazing one, Full of miracles and caring, With a universe or two, or maybe more, thrown in, All decked out with black holes and sunsets, And yet you chose to spend it hating, And loathing, and hitting and shouting, And name calling and abusing. Whatever this is, it’s a short life, And in your hating, You’ve missed the … Continue reading Just Love

Zoot and Sandy and Happiness

As always, Sandy the elephant and Zoot the dog were the best of pals in the whole wide world and were sitting by the river. “You think them birds are going somewhere?” Asked Zoot to his pal. “Why do you ask, young Zoot?” Replied Sandy in a fatherly kinda way. “Oh, just wonderin’. Can’t help but wonder about life sometimes, that’s all.” “You sickenin’ for … Continue reading Zoot and Sandy and Happiness

The Titanic in New York City – Annie’s Story

Wednesday April 17th, 1912 Pier 60. NY,NY. She was born with the name, Annie Constantine and from the age of nine, she had worked tirelessly as a kitchen maid in a large house on the south coast of England. Annie could not settle for a life in service – she gracefully rose at 4am and fell into bed at midnight, but she told herself this … Continue reading The Titanic in New York City – Annie’s Story

The Boy Who Loved To Handstand

Charlie lived in grey house which stood in a grey street which weaved its way through a grey town. He wasn’t an unhappy kid – on the contrary, Charlie saw the world both as beautiful and crazy all at the same time. But where Charlie was alone was in the way he looked at the world. He knew that there was more to life than … Continue reading The Boy Who Loved To Handstand

THING and His Teacher

Her name was Elizabeth Browning, yep, just like the poet lady and to everyone at Thing’s school, she had been known as Mrs Honey. Where that name came from no one was sure, but she did make everyone feel good and warm (just like honey). There is probably a teacher like that in most peoples’ lives; someone who comes along once in the whole schooling … Continue reading THING and His Teacher

Coming Home

When he stepped from the train, there was still a heat in the air. He could smell the fields, and the soil and as he looked across the platform he was sure he could see his father walking up to the station to meet him. But like everything else in his life, they were all gone, a long time ago. He’d been back for his … Continue reading Coming Home

Remembering Disneyland

The window’s opened an inch just to let the room breathe a little as the rusting setting sun is just perching on the trees across the way and peeking into my window, hitting the oleander full on. The perfume hits my nose and pinches my sadness, ‘hey kid, this is why you walk and talk, get over yourself’. A seabird screeches for a partner somewhere … Continue reading Remembering Disneyland

They Came Today, The Angels

They came today, the angels, My turn, they said, my turn, And me, a watcher of the clouds, Had seen them fly for years, up, up, up, Spied through the brown glass ceilings of this old house. Out there, they’d scratch and scrape and hunt the heavens, In wings of gabardine and gossamer, To search for souls, like me. They came today, the angels, Out … Continue reading They Came Today, The Angels