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Category: #hope

The Storm

Every morning the same thing happened, her mother would burst into her room, shout ‘rise and shine’ and then open the window to let the world in. Most of the […]

Don’t Keep Quiet

Peter had a perfect life, Three perfect kids and a perfect wife, But Peter’s flaw, Which he took from Dad, Was a big Black Dog, Which made him sad. He […]

Broken Pieces

Jake remembered what his Grandmother used to call it: ‘your grandad is away down the doctors’. That’s what she called it – the pub at the end of the street. […]

Just an Elephant

Don’t ever let them tell you that You’re just an elephant, or a human, or just another life. One who is not meant to shoot for the centre of the […]

Me and Buzz and the Madman

That day started like any other Saturday. My Grandma was washin’ the back of my neck with all my family lookin’ on. When she got into rubbin’ real hard I […]

The Legend of Jacob Chaplin

Okay, so his name wasn’t Chaplin, it was Horowitz, but ever since he’d attended the moving picture show and seen the great, perhaps marvellous, Charles Chaplin, he had modelled his […]

Strangers On A Rainy Day

It was raining that November day, so they both stood in the doorway of the Parisian café waiting for their chance to make a dash down the avenue. They were […]

The Man on the Third Floor

You can make of this story what you want. You can throw it in the fire and see if I care. All I want to do is lay down the […]

That Day

That Day, started like any other day. The sun came up, I had a coffee, we argued about money and I went to work. That Day, progressed like any other […]

Be Kind

The night of him looking at the stars was the night that everything changed. That night as the planets danced overhead, a thought grabbed him and then shot right up […]

How I Was

It was only a few short summers between my mother asking, ‘how I was’ and her asking ‘who I was’. It was only the briefest of moments between telling a […]

The Hearts of Dying Stars

There was a moon that night, That shook my comfortable existence On this little Earth And as I looked at the stars I almost lost my breath When I remembered […]

Metal Balls

I guess there are two parts to this story. The first half, is how we met, and how we became the best of friends. The second part is where and […]

My Granddaddy’s Farewell

I remember it was a cold day, is all.  My teacher came to take me from the class, said I had to go and see my granddaddy on account that […]

Thing and What He Learned

Now as you know by now, Thing was always looking out the mouth of his cave waiting on his family to return. One day his mother went away and promised […]

The Miracle of West Culpepper

In those days, the Blue Ridge Mountains were another world. Very few folks had automobiles back then and the trains didn’t go anywhere near. The little town was called West […]

An American Gentleman

My grandmother used to say that the village, meaning Shoreham, would find you, take you in, scrub you up and only let you go when you were a happier, smiling […]

The Book Keeper

It had been his job as long as anyone could remember. He was the Book Keeper and he enjoyed all that the job entailed. Sure he never slept, but wasn’t […]

Has Anyone Seen My Heart?

Has anyone seen my heart? All I did was turn to pick up that drink, And it was gone. I left it on the table, only for a second. I […]

Just Keep Swimming

“I know all of this is crazy Every last crazy second of it And I know that there have been bad times And good times, and times that it hurts […]

The Morning of the Day…..

She could feel the sun on her heart, as its rays broke through the window. There was a bird, a blackbird, singing in the old twisted trees. She heard the […]

The Birdman

It never started out as a plan, or even as a dream. It was simply an idea. Perhaps that’s where all dreams start. He had kept birds since he was […]

A Kinder Love

Even after all these years, I awoke with you this morning, Your arms in mine, your heat, your hair, Your smell, your sleeping smile, your skin, Your morning eyes, Oh […]

A Note Found In A Jacket

31st, July, 1917 Passchandaele –  If I could lay thee down my love, In a bed of silk and lace, And a garland for your hair my love, And a […]

The Man Who Smiled At Stars

To all those who look at the night sky and smile. Where we lived doesn’t really matter much, ‘cept to say that you could spit into another State from our […]

Being Human

Being human is never really understanding Being human is loving and hurting at the same time Being human is hoping and caring, loving and sharing Being human is tears and […]

Hope & Love

Holding On to Positive Expectations And Never Doubting Love Overcomes Virtually Everything bobby stevenson 2017

A Notebook in a Village

Friday 10th July Maybe I should start at the very beginning then perhaps if someone finds this, it will all make more sense. That is, if what has just happened […]

The Street With No Name

She lived on a street with no name; the street that is, not her. She was called Conchita and she had spent all her life on the no-name street. When […]

The Sky Watcher

He knew what it meant. His grandfather had mentioned it to him during their walks. His grandfather had squeezed his hand tightly one night as they were looking at the […]

Honey On The Thorn

As you reach out, You’re already asking yourself if it’s all Too far, And as your tongue stretches to taste the honey, You know that the searing pain will follow, […]

Thing and The Night

Thing missed being back at the cave. It was the one place that he knew his Mother and Father would eventually return. He had given up waiting on them and […]

Secret Things, Sweet Things

Secret Things She awoke, as she did every morning to the sound of the muffled, shouting voice and the door being unlocked before repeatedly kicked. Slivers of sunlight were all […]

Choking and Bruises

Bruises You knew all this, You even let it become a part of you, “Who me? A bully? I don’t think so, friend. Not I.” But yet, you knew it […]

Heart Beats

There’s a finite number of heartbeats To each and every life Some less than some would hope for Some more than some would like Yet every beat’s a milestone Which […]

Glittering Souls

  Breathe in the sun and touch the sky Set a smile on the lips and A fire in your eye.   Drink in this life, minute by minute Smother […]

One Day

One day when this journey’s ended, When the sun is setting low, You’ll come for me and wait for me, Where the wild blue waters flow.   One day when […]

Stones Under The Snow

She used to sit on her Grandpa’s knee and he’d hold her so tight like she was the only person in the world that ever mattered. Whatever the payment was […]

We Walked A Path Once

We walked a path once, You and I, And shared some gentle time while basking in the sun, We walked a road once, You and I, Fighting with the storms […]

I Will Remember You

I will remember you when the best of you has gone I will remember you when the song you loved is sung I will remember you when I stand on […]

Poem to fit a Tweet

Be happy,pal don’t just smile for others The years are eaten up that way And the emptiness will lie beyond When those you smile to Go away.   bobby stevenson […]

Life in a Small Place

There was a story told once, about a man who only had one wish, and that was to stand in the middle of a small village. The man wore a […]

If All The World

If all the world went dark today, And the yellow sun no longer shone, And we felt our paths from place to place, And loved by voice and words alone, […]

Thing of Beauty

There was a lot of time to think, now that Thing had lived in the cave by himself for a while. A lot of time to wonder why he was […]

The Man Who Wore His Coat Indoors

He was a guy. Just a guy. That was the beginning and end of it. He loved football, drinking, singing, and making a mess of himself on a Saturday night. […]

Love and Hope

1.Love and Hope You asked me, my young one, as we sat by the sea What life had brought to my heart. “Was it joy, was it sadness, Was it […]

A Careless Shadow

Don’t ever cast a careless shadow Nor creak the polished wooden floor Or breathe too deep although you’re dying Nor look too wise or walk too slow.   Don’t ever […]

The Luckiest People Alive

When he stood on the hill top and bathed in the sun’s rays, he wanted to celebrate his being alive So he tapped his toe to the sound of the […]

The Cloud Climber

Stan had a brilliant job, one that many people would have given their back teeth to have. People were always telling him – “that’s the kind of job I’d like […]

The Wish

Perhaps I will try to convince you that this story is true. Maybe I will – but then again, you are intelligent enough to make your own mind up – […]

Love Me ‘Til The End

There are  52 594 876 minutes in one hundred years. And no one is the same person from one minute to the next. A brain cell dies here, a skin […]

Jeremiah and The Birds

He wasn’t sure if he was the last man left or not. He hadn’t heard from any other living soul in about 45 full moons and Jeremiah wasn’t even sure […]

Some of the 100 Word Stories

Paris, 1940. There was still the smell of cigars on her coat as she took that one last walk. The dinner party at the little bistro in Neuilly had been […]

Zoot and Sandy and the Birds

As always, Sandy the elephant and Zoot the dog were the best of pals in the whole wide world and were sitting by the river. “Them things in the sky,” […]

Someone Else’s Perfect

Don’t waste your breath, Being someone else’s perfect, Don’t struggle or crawl across Someone else’s winning line, Make it your own race, Win or lose, the rules are yours, Please, […]

The Troubadour

Stories. That was all she had, that was all she would ever have. The ability to create worlds, and fill them with colour and life, and give those listening something […]

Be Who You Are

Be who you are, Be magnificent, Be strong, And except to those who cared too much, The one who never quite belonged. Be who you are, Stand tall, unique Be […]

Skiing In Central Park

I don’t think there was a precise time when you could say that they actually met; instead it would be more accurate to say that they rubbed against each other’s […]

The Last Train North

It’s funny how all the things you do or learn in the past, seem to be needed later in life.  Who knows what it is, maybe the universe dropping down […]

One Day I Passed Perfection

The smell of shoe polish and summer, The taste of dandelion and burdock lemonade, The sun as rosy red as it ever was, My grandmother’s arm around me Kissing the […]

Once Upon, A Long Ago

Once upon, a long ago, I saw a life of hope And so, I dreamed myself with smile And mirth, A charming life to death, from birth But living twisted […]


There’s a little house, Not too far out of town, Where I’ll go when I leave this place, You’ll always find a log fire burning there, And a light in […]

How Simon Got His Happiness Back

Simon was a simple lad with no grudges against the world. He was a happy boy who only wanted to the best for his friends and family. One night when […]


The sweat stung his eyes as he cycled up and out of Glen Croe. The sun hadn’t hit the bottom of the valley, which was why he usually picked this […]

Every Breath You Take

His name was Charlie and he was a kid. Charlie was lucky enough to be living through his best years. His mother, father, brother and sisters were all well, all […]

A Story From A Room

Once upon a long ago, a man walked into a room. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the place – it was just a room. Simple as that. The first […]

Touching Gravity

(I believe this is a true story) Where I am today, I can trace all the way back to that time on the mountain. I suppose there are many people […]

Idle in 100 Words

In that long, ago summer, the city was like an inferno, there were ain’t no place to cool your heels. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the heat’s fault, […]


Everyone knows where Goodlands is. It’s not too far from where you’ve been and not too close to where you’re going. It’s the kinda place where you find what you’re […]

I Am Stronger Than Yesterday

I am stronger than yesterday With all its pain and sorrow And I have made it through another night   I am stronger than yesterday Each morning I fight to […]

Maybe Next Time

The next time, I’ll say ‘hi’ when that moment first arises The next time, I’ll cross the street before the trouble starts The next time, I won’t put the money […]

The Shoreham Stories – 1

THE SHOREHAM WILD ONES I suppose it all started on that wet Wednesday, at the cinema on St John’s Hill. Mavis had been walking up towards town when it had […]

The Secret of Life

He wondered if maybe everyone else in the world knew the answer to it the question, and that perhaps he had been in the restroom when they were all being […]


Thing was trying to remember when it all changed between the Creek boys at the bottom of the hill and himself. It was probably something to do with that snowball. […]

A Place Called Hope

‘What makes anyone do anything?’ That was what she thought as she stepped off the bus. She hadn’t meant to get off at that particular stop, but the large woman […]

Greenock Story: The Glass Red Rose

There was an old road, they called it ‘the Roman road’, which led there once upon a time. The farm, like the family, used to stand proud and shiny as […]

The Fireman

In the early days of the next war, a story arose, an urban legend, about a person they called the Fireman. He had been given that name because of the […]

Our Home by the Railroad

If I’m being real honest, the house wasn’t as grand as you see it now. Back then it was built with love, sweat and tears and over the longest of […]

The Photograph of Me

The kid in the middle, the one hiding, was Gene, he got shot in some war, somewhere. It was the only thing he ever did that anyone was ever proud […]

A Street in Rye

In the years between the Wars, those golden years, each August my family would visit my grandmother in Rye; a little town on the south coast of England. Both her […]

Krystal and The Astral Vikings

The Start When she was a child, she ran with the wind and loved the Sun on her face. Back then, the world was an exotic mixture of colours, smells […]

Weird London – Three Stories

The Private War of Bobby Falkirk Which war he went to (and came back from), isn’t important here, it’s just important to know that Bobby came back in one piece […]

Bullying Never Sleeps

There was a man with the large dog who would watch and wait and make the boy run indoors. Then the man would smile, chuckle to himself and walk off. […]

The Last Cowboy (the start)

His spring and summer were now only dust on the bonfires of life, and as he looked out at the horizon, he knew more and more that it would no […]

Distant Lights

Lights on the road had always meant different things to him. When he’d been bad, it was his father’s car coming up the drive and the punishment that followed. On […]

My Pal

This isn’t a story. This is true and it isn’t meant to entertain anyone (perhaps none of them ever do), it’s only meant to put a few things straight in […]

The Thursday Angel

She had been born on Christmas Day. As the woman with the watery eye had mentioned to her mother, “She is your little Christmas gift, your little bundle of joy”. […]

Thing And Being Human

It was the end of another hard day as Thing made his way up back home, to his cave. After such a trying time, he liked nothing better than to […]

Cracked Hearts & Walking Wounded

Cracked Hearts She washes her mother with water and with love. Gently caressing the body that looks like someone she once knew, but her mother’s mind has already gone ahead […]

Edward Frostwaite: Rocket Man

Edward Frostwaite always wanted something different to happen to him. Not for him was the attraction of a job in a factory. Nor did he want to go into the […]

Noises In The Sky

Separately they would have amounted to nothing more than a curiosity, but together, well, that was a different matter. Together they spelled the change of everything that was known. For […]

Me and Buzz and Skinny Dippin’

What can you say about your bestest pal in this whole wide world, when he gets arrested for being nake-it in the middle of town? ‘Not much’, is what the […]

Be Happy, Pal

Be happy, pal, Don’t just Smile for others The years are eaten up that way, And the emptiness will lie beyond When those you smile to Go away.   I […]