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Category: Life

The Quiet Man

He said nothing, not a word ever passed his lips,He just sat in the peace and quiet with a Mona Lisa smile,One cold day the Angry People passed his wayAll […]

A Brilliant Life

Martin was a man. That was the best and the worst of it. He lived in room that served as his bedroom and sometimes as his kitchen. He had no […]

A Simple Truth

“You get to everyday by winning, you know that don’t you?” Was what she used to say to us kids, when we’d taken a tumble or were feeling real low. […]

Leaving Traces

Don’t think you are never seen, dear friend, You leave a trace wherever you wander – A smile, a laugh, a hope. Don’t think you are never heard, my pal […]

If Fish Could Scream

We live in twilight, We do, All of us who stay silent about these things, All of us who never speak up and say it’s wrong, So another one of […]

The Montana Express

The Montana Express was a wind that found its temperature somewhere around the northern end of Canada and then didn’t stop until it hit the Gulf. Our home was in […]

One Day When You Least Expect It.

The stand-up and be glorious thing about it is: You’ll never know when or how it happens, Never know what effect you’ve had, Or who you’ve saved. It might be […]

Zoot & Sandy and Happiness

As always, Sandy the elephant and Zoot the dog were the best of pals in the whole wide world and were sitting by the river. “You think them birds are […]

The Cloud Walker

I remember reading in a newspaper once, about a family who had lost someone in the dark day of 9/11. There was nothing unique in their story, except for one […]

The Best of All Summers 1962

Some things remain with you forever. When I was ten years old, my father took me on a trip in an old battered car and caravan, and although I didn’t […]

Footprints On A Carpet

Even if it’s only footprints on a carpet Or blades of grass crushed where I once sat Or a muddy scar upon a garage wall Where my hand had leaned […]

Being There

To hold the sky from falling on your head, To make you safe as you dream in your bed, To stop the world from breaking your heart, To help you […]

My Squeaky Heart

He was nervous – really nervous – as he met her as she stepped off the bus. He wasn’t nervous in Sara’s company – no, sir – that is the […]

The Thing That Changes Folks

One summer an old man came to live near us. He had rented the little French house which sat on the lip of a small hill. Being young and selfish, […]

Dexter and Eugene

What do you do with your life, when you have all the money you will ever need? Now in some cases that doesn’t mean it’s a lot of money. Sometimes […]

You’ll Make It,I know You Will

You’ll make it, I know you will, You’ve come too far and now is not the time. If only you stopped and thought about it all The walls you’ve climbed, […]


…if she had looked up at that moment, his nurse would have seen his toes moving in waltz time to a tune that only he could hear. Through the willow […]

To Fill a Human Heart

To fill a human soul,Takes strength and smiles,To fill a human head,Takes wisdom and time,To fill a human life,Takes courage and hope,But to fill a human heart,Takes love,Takes love. To […]

The Best is to Come

Wrap up your soul from the north winds, Turn your sweet head, To facing the sun, I know that those dark clouds will scare you, But believe me, The best […]

Man in the Moon

Those who drove past that particular stretch of road would have caught a glimpse of what they thought was a dead animal; it was dead alright, but it was no […]

Great Aunt Bessie Played the Trombone

My great Aunt Bessie played the trombone. That’s the beginning and end of it. Although when I was a kid, I heard the folks whispering in corners about Bessie and […]

The Stalk Exchange

  If I had started the story, ‘once upon a time’ it might have given me more leeway with the tale that lies ahead – but the bottom line, the […]

Waiting For The Winds To Blow

I’m waiting for the winds to blow, And someday soon, or later, They’ll take me on a voyage, To a land of somewhere greater.   And if we do not […]

Today Is Going To Be A Great Day

“Today is going to be a great day,” said the little boy Whose mother unexpectedly opened her eyes Today is going to be a great day, smiled the old man […]

What Are You Saving Yourself For?

You hesitate to say hello – To that girl or boy, To the stranger needing help, You think twice about some invitation – Another day, another time perhaps. You aren’t […]

I Am So Proud Of You

  I am so proud of you, In so many ways, Proud of every sinew in your strained body, Proud, that even with a fractured heart, You can still stand […]

To Fill A Human Heart

To fill a human soul, Takes strength and smiles, To fill a human head, Takes wisdom and time, To fill a human life, Takes courage and hope, But to fill […]

She Carries A ‘Phone

When she was a child, she carried the ‘phone to let her mother know where she was. ‘Oh mum, I’m fine’ When she was young, she carried the ‘phone in […]

Painted Love

When the flowers had all but disappeared from Clare’s garden, she had replaced them by painting roses and daffodils on a brick wall at the rear of her flower bed. […]

Ronnie (Feb 12th)

I guess you never really know when your own will start but in hindsight I know his began on February the 11th at 10.23pm. 86,400 Ronnie was 19 and clever. He […]

Peter Rabbit

He remembers one night – when Peter was about twelve summers old – that he and his best friend were sitting in the light of the dusk, puffing a found […]

Amy and Hector

There are two people in this story – as well as Hector. Hector’s the elephant. The little girl is Amy, and her granddad is the other fellow. From the moment […]

While I Was Out Walking

Sometime while I was out walking, the wind changed, No longer at my back with my face always towards the sun, It cuts a sheer cold front that takes my […]

Enough Sunshine For Everyone

That summer, that sultry humid one, in ’46 was the hottest on record. She still remembers it. How could she ever forget? From her apartment window on the first floor […]

Be Different

Story written for a charity. Every one of us is made just that little bit different to the next person. It’s what makes us all special. Sometimes we are happy […]

No Two Ways

I guess the first thing I’ve got to say is – to do the things he did, you really have to believe that you are going to live for ever. […]

Grandpa is An Alien

If you asked the Melt family in public where they came from, then they’d always answer with: ‘Why, Churchill Avenue of course, next to the school.’ But in private, the […]

1966 – A Summer Breeze

Tommy was tired of waiting for his life to start. He had given it more than enough chances in his nineteen short years, thank you very much, and still there […]

The Disappearance of Esther

The wind couldn’t decide which way it was going that day, neither could she. Esther had only just got herself the way she liked (the way the boys liked) when […]

That Perfect Moment

When I was a kid, my whole world was Hell’s Kitchen. Heck, it was my whole universe too – because that part of New York City was all I needed, […]

Zoot & Sandy and the Birds

  As always, Sandy the elephant and Zoot the dog were the best of pals in the whole wide world and were sitting by the river. “Them things in the […]

Seventy Times Around The Sun

“Nothing is stranger or more ticklish than a relationship between people who know each other only by sight, who meet and observe each other daily – no hourly – and […]

The Man From Montana

It was on a mild Spring Thursday morning when it happened. No church bells, or fireworks, or even a spontaneous applause marked the occasion; for on that Thursday, at 9.24am, […]

The Girl In The Corner

Once upon a time she had been called Chiquitta, and once upon a time there had been a family in the house. But they had gone now, and she had […]

You Think You Have Time

You think you have time, To be annoyed, or to be angry, To not speak, or not call. You think you have time, To work up the courage to say […]

Sara: The Woman Who Told Stories

She felt that she had never set the world on fire; unlike the politicians who had managed just that. No, what she had achieved, what Sara had achieved, was to […]

The Proof of God

He could do nothing but stare at the paper. Then he re-checked it and checked it again. He was trembling. I mean really shaking. The way you dreamed of something […]

The Polka Dot Comet Kid

The night that Sally was born, the comet, Hale-Bopp lit the skies above the hospital as she lay, crying. She was the most beautiful of children and her parents called […]

Learn To Climb Trees

Learn to climb trees, And live with skinned knees, Learn to jump gaps and laugh, Learn to handstand, Play a tune, join a band, Learn to tap dance in the […]


You see the lovers, sitting, Holding hands outside the café, Perfect you would think to yourself, Just perfect, Yet for a fleeting moment there is a look in one of […]

Strange Loves

    She hadn’t spoken to him, but then again, she didn’t need to. She knew what made him tick, what took his breath away, and, most importantly, what put […]

On The Third Day

It happened in the time of war, and when Zachariah was at the right place, and at the right time – or perhaps that’s dependent on your point of view […]

100 Words to Freedom

I think I walked the length of the street with a great huge grin on my face. I wasn’t sure if I looked like a ‘shoot-the-president’ type of crazy, but […]

The Promise

When you fall, I will catch you, When you call, I will be there, When you stumble, I will lift you, When you’re drowning, give you air, When you hurt […]

Thing and His Birthday

The only time that Thing would ever make it down to the town was on the day of his birthday. His mother had marked this special day on the calendar […]

The Day That Love Was Invented

The midday sun warmed his metal quicker than it warmed his skin parts. In this field, like every other field in the quadrant, everyone was equal. No one got more […]

The Songbird

Some hearts are born to do certain tasks, and so it was with the songbird. She had been brought into the universe to sing her song so that others could […]

Santa and the Battle of Hastings

He chose the highest room in town. Which, I suppose, is fair enough. What it doesn’t explain is why he chose Hastings, a seaside town on the south coast of […]

Yellow Balloon

His name was Charlie and he was a kid. Charlie was lucky enough to be living through his best years. His mother, father, brother and sisters were all well, all […]


Ever since he was little, folks had always been telling him how he should live; that he should ‘do it this way’, or ‘do it that way’, or ‘you’ll never […]

The Bar at the End of Sugarhouse Lane

Alex’s Story If you’ve ever sauntered up Charles Street, you’ll know what I mean. Some days you see everything, the people, the windows, the traffic and on other days – […]


It wasn’t hurting anyone; now was it?  She’d give the kids a difficult problem to solve, although if she was being honest, there wasn’t an answer to it. Then, when […]

Thank You for Today

Thank you for today, Not everything was good, But then not everything was bad, I woke up sad and somewhere in the sunshine The day got a little better.   […]

Nelle and Tru (For Harper Lee)

  “I hate going outside, I absolutely hate it, hate it, hate it,” said Nelle to the sad-looking boy standing at the porch door. “You’ve gotta come, ya just gotta,” […]

The Inscription

No one, and I mean no one, had ever seen the likes of the inscription before. It had lain undiscovered in a small cave on the north shore until Roman […]


A while back he wouldn’t have been having a conversation about all of this, but a while back the world was a different place. All his life he’d been an […]

Do Not Feed The Trolls

He remembered back to when he was, perhaps 13 years of age. He was sitting on a train with his uncle. They were going into the city to celebrate the […]

Thing and His Friend

Thing had never known a time like it, at least not since he had been on his own. The Spring had slipped into Summer and now the leaves were falling […]

The Wall

Those who were on the inside, never realized their situation, as such. It was those on the outside, looking in, who observed that there was an ‘us’ and ‘them’- that […]

If All Of This Were Up To Me

If all of this were up to me, My gifts would be of other things, The son to spend an afternoon With a father long since gone, The granddad seeing […]


Like every other day, Harry spent his mornings in the park in that little period between breakfast and lunch. He’d sit and watch the animals and the humans, and normally […]

The Last Human

We are only memories. I have memories as a kid, at least I think I do. About being with my mother when I was about four or five years of […]

A Christmas Walk

He had always lived in the city. His parents had met there, and his brothers and sisters had been born there. Sometimes they’d visit the countryside, but it would always […]

One More Day

“I know all of this is crazy Every last crazy second of it And I know that there have been bad times And good times, and times that it hurts […]

Hadrian and The Human Finger

Hadrian had walked the length of several carriages before he found somewhere to rest his weary metals. He was excited, that much was true, for this was his first time […]


I guess I could begin this story with ‘once upon a time’ but then that would give the impression that it’s a fantasy – but that’s not exactly true. Well […]

The Letter

You know. I know you know. It’s just whether you remember the facts or not. The thing is, I must have learned to write and then I learned to live. […]

Me and Buzz and the Madman

That day started like any other Saturday. My Grandma was washin’ the back of my neck with all my family lookin’ on. When she got into rubbin’ real hard I […]

Jack Junior

I know it might sound strange but this is the only known photo of Tommy Knightley – at least that I know of. He looks mysterious – right? You couldn’t […]

Why the Robots Won

I am used to walking alone; being alone; surviving on my own. It has to be this way. They know I am here – because from several miles above me, […]

The Legend of Jacob Chaplin

Okay, so his name wasn’t Chaplin, it was Horowitz, but ever since he’d attended the moving picture show and seen the great, perhaps marvellous, Charles Chaplin, he had modelled his […]

Strangers On A Rainy Day

It was raining that November day, so they both stood in the doorway of the Parisian café waiting for their chance to make a dash down the avenue. They were […]

That Day

That Day, started like any other day. The sun came up, I had a coffee, we argued about money and I went to work. That Day, progressed like any other […]

How I Was

It was only a few short summers between my mother asking, ‘how I was’ and her asking ‘who I was’. It was only the briefest of moments between telling a […]

The Hearts of Dying Stars

There was a moon that night, That shook my comfortable existence On this little Earth And as I looked at the stars I almost lost my breath When I remembered […]

Metal Balls

I guess there are two parts to this story. The first half, is how we met, and how we became the best of friends. The second part is where and […]

My Granddaddy’s Farewell

I remember it was a cold day, is all.  My teacher came to take me from the class, said I had to go and see my granddaddy on account that […]

Crazy Jinky

“So what do you want me to call you, Jinky or Jenkinson?” I asked him. “Why is that so important?” He replied. “So I know what name to give to […]

Thing and What He Learned

Now as you know by now, Thing was always looking out the mouth of his cave waiting on his family to return. One day his mother went away and promised […]