The Curious Case At Victory Mansions

From the top of Victory Mansions, it was said that you could see the whole of the world and a few miles beyond that. Mr Edward Shrew was the owner of the highest room in the building and would sometimes charge a penny to any passer-by who wanted to see the ends of the Earth. On a clear evening it was also the place to … Continue reading The Curious Case At Victory Mansions

Jack Junior

I know it might sound strange but this is the only known photo of Tommy Knightley – at least that I know of. He looks mysterious – right? You couldn’t describe his appearance, not with all that smoke and that’s the way Tommy liked things. You see he ran with the night, and always kept company with all the dark things of life; never stepping … Continue reading Jack Junior

Weird London – Three Stories

The Private War of Bobby Falkirk Which war he went to (and came back from), isn’t important here, it’s just important to know that Bobby came back in one piece – well almost. His head was intact, as was his body – but it was a plain and simple fact that his brain and heart didn’t really communicate that well with each other. Whose does? … Continue reading Weird London – Three Stories

The Rain Country

“You think that a wall as solid as the earth separates civilisation from barbarism. I tell you the division is a thread, a sheet of glass” . The Power-House ,John Buchan , 1913 He dreamt of letting his hand dance under the cool water which flowed freely from a tap and then watch as the unwanted liquid disappeared into the hole. He awoke with a … Continue reading The Rain Country

The Man in 221A Baker Street. (1)

1. Introduction….. I have been living beneath the strange man who lives upstairs, nigh on ten months now. There is much comings and goings at all times of the night, and although I have reported such extravagances to the authorities, I have been informed that Mister Holmes is a singular man and as such, is prone to eccentricities. Mrs Hudson, his housekeeper (if indeed that … Continue reading The Man in 221A Baker Street. (1)

Choodla: London Secrets

The Start What can I say about Choodla, that hasn’t already been said over and over again by the newspapers, the television, the judges, the police, the weird man who lives on everyone’s street, my family, my pet dog? Nothing – that’s what, nothing except I’m Choodla and no one except me can say that. I’ve watched those stupid movies about superheroes (okay they aren’t … Continue reading Choodla: London Secrets

That Gregory Peck Incident

She’d been living in the city long enough to remember to call an elevator – the lift, and the place where she was standing right now was a bookshop not a store. London was a million miles away from northern Virginia but home was where God had placed her whereas this big city was her current choice in life. She had been born in the … Continue reading That Gregory Peck Incident

London, Summer 1951

very loosely based on a truth…. The couple in front of him lit their cigarettes from the same match, kissed until the smoke was coming out of their noses, then each slumped into a big red balding seat ready to wallow in another Saturday night at the Regal cinema. Ricky was his usual late self and arrived out of breath just as the rousing newsreel … Continue reading London, Summer 1951

The Man Who Sold The British Library

So you’re probably asking how it all came to this. How I got here, when it wasn’t that long ago that I had everything in the world. Well stuff happens. To everyone. All the time. After I had been working at a blue-chip company in the city for about three years, my partner and I had decided that it was time to start having the … Continue reading The Man Who Sold The British Library

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Murder at the Mermaid Inn

  He had just bent down to tie his shoes laces and this is what probably caused him to disappear behind the large box. It wasn’t that he was being nosey, it was the act of him bending down which had caused him to accidentally overhear the conversation. “Who is going do it?” asked one of the men. “Looks like it will be me,” said … Continue reading Murder at the Mermaid Inn

An Extremely Stupid Story

So there‘s me and Fatboy strolling down the Kings Road and he says he’s just seen The Who. “Where?” I ask him. ‘Cause I’m thinking he must mean he’s seen them at one of this city’s fine rock ‘n’ roll venues – you know, like the O2 or Hammersmith Palais. “No…no…you’ve missed them,” Fatboy tells me. “They must have disappeared into a shop”. “Like Tesco?” … Continue reading An Extremely Stupid Story