Americana (100 word stories) (1880 – 2017)

1880 I found the name on a map when I was a child in Scotland and it came to my mind that was where I was going to someday; Wabash, Indiana. I was 17 when I got there and I found work on the new Presbyterian Church after I told them about my religious folks back home. One evening, Mr Charles Brush asked that we … Continue reading Americana (100 word stories) (1880 – 2017)

The Woman Who Died Among The Chickens

The way I was told it – was that she died in among the chickens. I mean that’s what they said. Apparently, her hair had been matted with chicken crap – I kid you not. She had raised these little critters from the egg and this was the way they wished her a goodbye. In the end, it was only the chickens and my Aunt … Continue reading The Woman Who Died Among The Chickens

Once Upon A Time In New York City

I guess I’d been running ever since I’d left San Antonio; maybe it’s a universal truth that we’re all running from something, or maybe to something. Who knows? Who cares? Back then, back in that hot summer of 1977, I’d been looking for work all the way from Savannah, Georgia down to Texas. I’d found some work but it usually dried up quickly and I’d … Continue reading Once Upon A Time In New York City

Two of the 100 word stories

Americana – 1969 It was early evening in Strasburg and the July heat was still causing him suffocation. It took all of the energy he had just to lay still. He counted to ten and then he stood, somehow lifting the window that opened on to South Decatur Street. After hearing someone on the sidewalk shout that Neil Armstrong was just about to step on … Continue reading Two of the 100 word stories

My Grandma’s Radio

He delivered it, all pleased with himself, the night of the electrical storm which stretched all the way across three counties. Old Jake had nothing else to give his sister, my grandmother, on her wedding day. It lived proudly in the corner of the room and worked its way into being part of the family. The night my father was born, my grandfather cranked it … Continue reading My Grandma’s Radio

New York City, 1948 (100 words)

From that little room in the cold-water apartment you could smell Harlem. The top window being stuck open with the paint that was probably put on around the time of Pearl Harbor. Cooking smells danced in along with thumps and arguments from far off places. I decided that I needed fresh air and I headed down to 8Th avenue where the folks were drinking canned-heat … Continue reading New York City, 1948 (100 words)