There’s a little house,

Not too far out of town,

Where I’ll go when I leave this place,

You’ll always find a log fire burning there,

And a light in the window to find your way,

When you eventually stumble over the top of the ridge.

You can sit among friends,

By then you’ll be deserving of a seat in the warmth,

You’ll have done your bit,

Struggled bravely along the path,

You’ll have cried your tears,

And fought your battles,

So come rest a while,

We’ll be waiting.


bobby stevenson 2017



I know you’re tired of that twisted road,

Tired of climbing those hills,

Tired of getting to the top of one,

Only to have to drop down into another valley,

So why not just kick off those dusty shoes,

And sit with me a while,

No need to talk,

Come listen to the birds sing,

Feel the sun on your face,

Or the rain in your hair,

Know that we are sitting next to each other,

Neither of us is the enemy,

We are both only trying to keep going,

Remembering that some days are harder than others,

It’s life that we are both battling,

So, close your eyes, breathe in gently,

And know that we will both get back on the road again,

In a while.


bobby stevenson 2017

I Am Stronger Than Yesterday

I am stronger than yesterday

With all its pain and sorrow

And I have made it through another night


I am stronger than yesterday

Each morning I fight to stand and face the sun

Letting it bleach all my dark stains away and

Shouting, Here I am, I exist


I am stronger than yesterday

As I shine a light in every dark corner

Where the Black Dog has left its scent


I am stronger than yesterday

I need to be, because today I have to start all over again

And fight those battles


But I am stronger than yesterday

Because yesterday I won another victory –

I beat the day. 


bobby stevenson 2017

Maybe Next Time

The next time, I’ll say ‘hi’ when that moment first arises

The next time, I’ll cross the street before the trouble starts

The next time, I won’t put the money on that horse that lost me everything

The next time, I’ll go with whom I love rather than who you said I should

The next time, I will tell you that I’m unhappy and not just smile through gritted teeth

The next time, I’ll live the way I want to and not because I am scared

The next time, I won’t let them hit me, or call me names

The next time, I will not wait so long

The next time, I’ll take that chance

The next time, I will not throw away friends and money like that

The next time, I’ll make sure they’re properly dead

The next time, I’ll take my share as well

The next time, I will not drink as much

The next time, I will not hit you, I promise

The next time, I’ll be the one to stay on the path and make you move

The next time, I’ll spend more time talking and listening

The next time, I’ll be far gentler on myself and my life

The next time, I’ll probably do it all again, just like the last time.

bobby stevenson 2017

bobby2wee bobby



Be Happy, Pal


Be happy, pal,

Don’t just

Smile for others

The years are eaten up that way,

And the emptiness will lie beyond

When those you smile to

Go away.


I know you’re young

And won’t have time

To understand what I have to say  –

Just don’t

Sell your soul

For the sake of others

Accept yourself in every way.


bobby stevenson 2016

bobby2 wee bobby


My Favourite Thought


You are my favourite thought, favourite smile, favourite life,

You’re my first thing in the morning and my last thing at night,

When I speak to other souls, it is you in my head,

I long for you beside me, I dream of you in bed.


You are my favourite thought, favourite day, favourite night,

When I stumble through darkness, you carry the light

No one can fathom this smile on my face,

It is you – it is you, who makes my heart race.


You are my favourite thought, favourite deed, favourite one,

You are my moon and my stars and my sun,

You are the body where my dreams have been caught,

You are my love, my favourite thought.


bobby stevenson 2017


How I Was

It was only a few short summers between my mother asking,

‘how I was’ and her asking ‘who I was’.

It was only the briefest of moments between telling a friend,

‘See you soon’ and bowing my head in a farewell.

It seems only days between being a child and looking after one,

Between laughing and shouting, ‘I’m old’ and being old.

Surely the moon has only passed a few times since saying

‘tomorrow, I’m going to..’ and ‘yesterday, I meant to….’

It has only been a few short, warm  wind, summers  since my mother asked me

how I was.


bobby stevenson 2017





They Came Today, The Angels

They came today, the angels,

My turn, they said, my turn,

And me, a watcher of the clouds,

Had seen them fly for years, up, up, up,

Spied through the brown glass ceilings of this old house.

Out there, they’d scratch and scrape and hunt the heavens,

In wings of gabardine and gossamer,

To search for souls, like me.

They came today, the angels,

Out of a gunpowder sky,

To tell me that this path

Had gently ended

And a new one would begin.

They came today, the angels.

And even as I turned and sighed,

I somehow always knew they would.



bobby stevenson 2017

The Stars Want Her Back

When I first got to know her,

She was fully formed.

A woman with life, and humour and


And in the gaps between the dark times,

She talks about her dreams,

And all the reasons they never happened.

But now we have a fight on our hands,

For she is slowly leaking back

Bit by bit, thought by thought,

To where she came from.

For the stars want her back,

And there is nothing we can do.



bobby stevenson 2017

This Year’s Love


This year some people will leave your life
And new ones will enter
This year some dreams will vanish
And others, not thought of, will come out of the sun
This year you’ll make mistakes
And you’ll survive them all
This year you’ll win some things and you’ll lose some things
This year some friends will fail to understand
And some will grow to love you
This year you’ll learn a little more about yourself
Some of it you’ll like and some of it you won’t
This year perhaps you’ll cry alone
But you’ll also laugh at things you won’t explain to  others
This year some of your actions will be misunderstood
But you’ll discover that others understand in amazing ways
This year you’ll misjudge hearts and situations
And yet find more caring than you ever thought possible
This year you’ll learn to love yourself just that little bit better
And that will be all you’ll need.


bobby stevenson 2016





The Best


Wrap up your soul from the north winds,

Turn your sweet head,

Facing the sun,

I know that those dark clouds will scare you,

But believe me,

The best is to come.

Let slip those stories they told you,

Just remember that you are the one,

Don’t let their sadness get weary,

For I tell you,

The best is to come.

Smile even ‘though it is hard work,

Cleanse weary eyes with some bright fun,

For these dark days

Will lift soon my darling

And I promise,

The best is to come.

Take strength in the ways of the old times,

When your laughter and hope can return,

Don’t stumble and fall,

Take my hand love,

For you know that the best

Is to come.

bobby stevenson 2017





We Walked A Path Once


We walked a path once,

You and I,

And shared some gentle time while basking in the sun,

We walked a road once,

You and I,

Fighting with the storms that blew upon our way,

We walked a highway once,

You and I,

And dealt with all the loss and hurt that fell before us,

We walked the Earth once,

You and I,

And broke with everything that Heaven threw in our direction,

But now the time has come for the parting of the ways,

And you will take one path and I will hold the other,

And we will walk the Universe,

You and I,

But with other souls as company.


bobby stevenson 2017

Frankie, Shoebuckle, Sunlight and Clutterbuck


Frankie never got to make a movie as a star
She had to settle for standing at the back
And waving to the troops,
Or sometimes – smiling at the
Romantic lead as he bought bananas from her.
Frankie never got to make the movie of her life
She just settled for standing back and being an
Extra in everyone else’s.




Mr Clutterbuck


Mr Shoebuckle lived in a house filled to the roof with flaws.
They were in his attic, his cellar, every drawer and cupboard, and he did this as a way to avoid seeing them. He spent his life sweeping them under the carpet.

Mr Shoebuckle lived next door to Mrs Sunlight who didn’t want to see her flaws either, so she threw them out the house at every opportunity. The house was flawless and clean.
Mrs Sunlight would sigh sometimes because she knew that something was missing.

Mr Clutterbuck lived in the far house and he didn’t care where his flaws were – on his sofa, on his carpet or on his roof. Mr Clutterbuck liked his flaws , they kept him company and he knew that if he was going to have a long life then his flaws were going to be with him every step of the way.


bobby stevenson 2017

bobby2 wee bobby



What Are You Saving Yourself For?


You hesitate to say hello –
To that girl or boy,
To the stranger needing help,
You think twice about some invitation –
Another day, another time perhaps.

You aren’t ready, least not today
What with this and that, you have to do.
And so that chance you should have taken,
Has flown, has gone, has disappeared.

What are you saving your little self for?
Are you so sure of another chance?
Another day, another tune,
So certain of that one more dance?

What are you saving your little heart for?
Some far off day when your luck will flow?
Why delay and wait on something,
When the end is closer than you know.

bobby stevenson 2016

bobby2 wee bobby

In A Heartbeat


In a heartbeat,

The car turned the corner too fast, and turned over,

The last thing the mother did was scold her

Son for chewing loudly

In a heartbeat

The lonely girl bumped into the guy who was leaving

For good and she wasn’t lonely any more

“It’s funny how we met,” she told her children.

In a heartbeat

He smiled at her and talked about their next trip

And then the darkness covered the side of his face

And he slipped away from her

In a heartbeat

He scratched the lotto card

One hundred thousand it said

And that was the amount of friends he gained

In a heartbeat

He screwed up the cigarette and promised himself

That was that

And it was

In a heartbeat

The sun warmed his face and he smiled

And the blackness let him be for a few kind minutes

In a heartbeat

As she sat alone at the bar, a friend joined her and another

And another and in a heartbeat, she knew she was the lucky one.


bobby stevenson 2016

bobby2  wee bobby




Being There


To hold the sky from falling on your head,

To make you safe as you dream in your bed,

To stop the world from breaking your heart,

To help you build the most beautiful start,

These are the things I wanted for you,

But being there,

Just being there –

Is the best love I can do.


bobby stevenson 2017

The Street With No Name


She lived on a street with no name; the street that is, not her. She was called Conchita and she had spent all her life on the no-name street.

When she was young, her mother took her to a fair and there they met a fortune-teller who said that Conchita would never know real happiness. Her mother crossed the woman’s palm with a silver coin and thanked her. So even at that tender age, Conchita never really held out any hope of finding a happy reason to exist.

But she did exist. She lived and breathed and hoped that it would be over one way or another, without too much pain.

Then one morning, when the sun was shining down carelessly on the street with no name, Conchita found herself smiling at nothing in particular.

This worried Conchita, this happiness certainly wasn’t for her – perhaps it was delivered to the wrong address, she thought. Mind you, in a street with no name it was an easy mistake to make.

So what Conchita did, was take her little bit of happiness that she had felt and cut it up into seven pieces – as there were that number of other houses in the same street.

The following morning, very early, she left a piece of happiness at each door and moved on. Each of the neighbors were surprised at the gift lying at their door and were curious as to who had left it.

In one house, the woman picked up the piece of happiness and showed it to her husband. He just grunted and she said that he wouldn’t know happiness if hit him in the face.

And that is what she did, she threw the happiness at him which bounced off his head, out of the window and was never seen again. Five of the other houses did much the same, they either swept the happiness under the carpet or used it as a doormat until it was no more.

Only one, a little old woman by the name of Estelle, took the piece of happiness in and fed it and nurtured it. She never took it for granted and bit by bit it grew. When it had grown to a large size, she wrapped it up and took it along the street to Conchita’s house.

Outside Estelle left the happiness and a note – ‘Dear Conchita, I knew it was you who gave away your happiness, but we can’t use other people’s happiness for ourselves, we have to take care of our own. It made me happy to look after a little bit of your happiness and watch it grow. I now return it for you to enjoy.’

Conchita took the package in and realized that there were kind people in the world who wouldn’t take your happiness for granted.

And that was when Conchita realized also, that only you can make your happiness grow and that it isn’t the responsibility of others.

bobby stevenson 2016

bobby2 wee bobby





Just an Elephant


Don’t ever let them tell you that

You’re just an elephant, or a human, or just another life.

One who is not meant to shoot for the centre of the Sun

Don’t ever let them tell you that you are not good enough

Or special enough to be that guiding light

For when they say you can’t – you say you can

And when they say you won’t – you say you will

Don’t ever let them tell you that your dreams are wrong

Or misguided, or misdirected.

Do what feels right in your heart

Be what you feel is in your heart

Be they – your lover, or partner, or parent, brother or sister or

Friend – for when it comes to the end and you leave this show

You will take a bow and leave alone

You are so much more than all that people tell you

You are here to be magnificent

Be so.


bobby stevenson 2016

The Edge

I have been here before,
You should know that of me,
I’ve walked to the edge and stood,
Almost to the tipping point,
Held only by the up drafts,
Daring the winds to mellow,
and let me drop.
When the time comes,
What then?
Jump or be pushed.
There are only so many times,
I can blackmail the angels.

A Conversation On The Stairs


I think I knew it was him, just from the way he stood
The sun was at his back as he quietly walked down the stairs
The toes slightly facing in and his gait shifted forwards.
The sun caught the dust dancing in eddies and whirlpools of light but I could see that the head was up and looking straight forward.
That’s what confused me at first.
As I got nearer I could see him grinning – then I was certain.
Perhaps he didn’t recognise me but surely he must have known.
I said “Hello” and he stopped and talked – not long, but long enough.
He told me that he’d started to live and I could see there was hope hanging in his eyes.
I told him he looked happy and he said he was.
He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. He said that these tough times had a reason; it meant the stories and ideas would be forged from a harder steel – my writing would electrify the heavens, one day, you’ll see.
I shook his hand and wished him well then waved goodbye but by then he had already turned a corner, as I must.
Conversations on a stair with my future self –
I smiled at what was to come.


bobby stevenson 2016





I never picked a proper tune to dance to

And I never got in step with any goal

And in all those dancing years

I spent wishing I could hear

The melody which drove another’s soul.


I guess it’s too late now to ever try to change things

As I’m nearing my own moment to depart

So I’ll quietly spend the time

That’s been allocated mine

Dancing to the music of my heart.


bobby stevenson 2016

bobby2 wee bobby


Being Human


Being human is never really understanding
Being human is loving and hurting at the same time
Being human is hoping and caring, loving and sharing
Being human is tears and pain and laughter and fear
Being human is wondering why the hell we’re all here
Being human is being lost for most of your life
Being human is cursing the gods then hoping they are there
Being human is watching the stars with the same wonderment we did from the caves
Being human is sacrifice, strength and sometimes bravery
Being human is selfishness and slavery
Being human is mental illness and confusion
Being human is sometimes an illusion
Being human is watching lovers fade
Being human is regretting all that’s left unsaid
Being human is wishing you had done some more
Being human is lifting yourself up from the floor
Being human is writing, painting and scoring a goal
Being human is making music that a heart can be proud of
Being human is everyone feeling but never always sharing
Being human is hoping that tomorrow will be better
Being human is all that we have.

bobby stevenson 2017


Sunny Side of the Street


When I was young we lived on the sunny side of the street

One day I crossed over but was told to go back to my own side

When I was a little older I walked on a little further

And reached the street that lay at the far side of the hill

They told me I was not from there and should go home

When I was a teenager I went to the next town

And those there said I talked differently and I should not be around

When I became a man I moved to the big city down south

And every day of every month of every year they said I did not belong

When I was older I travelled overseas and they said that on my island we did things differently and I should go back to my homeland

When I was retired I moved away to the other side of the ocean

And they asked why I was on their side of the big sea

When I became ill they asked me why I was in that hospital ward

Should I not return to where the others sit?

When I died they said they could not bury me there

That I should be laid to rest on the sunny side of the street.


bobby stevenson 2016


A Note Found In A Jacket

6.30am July, 1st 1916, Somme
If I could lay thee down my love,
In a bed of silk and lace,
And a garland for your hair my love,
And a warm wind for your face,
And I would give you ships my love,
And stars to guide them by,
But will not watch you growing old,
And you will not see me die.
Love forever.
bobby stevenson 2016