To Catch A Warm Wind

So you’re asking me what’s the story of this photograph, and I’m saying to you, just rest your bones a while and I’ll tell you. ______________________________ In the old days, and by that she meant the old Savannah days, her Grandma would sit Alice on her knee and sing her a song that came from long, long before her Grandma Catherine was born. The family … Continue reading To Catch A Warm Wind

Me and Buzz and Lyin’

There was a time back then, a long time after Buzz’s pappy had left for somewhere down south, that Buzz took to lyin’ to make himself feel better. Well maybe not lyin’ exactly, more exaggeratin’ usin’ stories that weren’t the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth. I mean I knew his pappy was long gone but I heard Buzz tellin’ the new teacher – … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Lyin’

Coldharbour: Passing Wonderful

If Alexandra McMillan had been born in any era other than her own, she would have most certainly been burned as a witch. Luckily for her, she popped into the world the same year as Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone; inspiring her father, Robert, to name his new daughter after the Scottish inventor. Robert McMillan came down from the Isle of Skye in 1870 with the … Continue reading Coldharbour: Passing Wonderful

Young Jed’s Story

Young Jed’s father, Old Jed, had been the best darn garage man in this part of the county. It wasn’t just him who said it, everyone did. Old Jed had dedicated his life to the good folks of Cesarwood and their little automobiles – which was a good thing, considering the horseless carriage didn’t make it into Old Jed’s life until he was in his … Continue reading Young Jed’s Story

Americana (100 word stories) (1880 – 2017)

1880 I found the name on a map when I was a child in Scotland and it came to my mind that was where I was going to someday; Wabash, Indiana. I was 17 when I got there and I found work on the new Presbyterian Church after I told them about my religious folks back home. One evening, Mr Charles Brush asked that we … Continue reading Americana (100 word stories) (1880 – 2017)

The Maid From Orleans

She came from Orleans, the one in France, sometime in the late 1800s. She had worked in her father’s bakery in a little place near the cathedral. She had kept her mouth closed all those years but left her eyes and heart open. Not for her was the option of settling down with a local boy and bearing him children. She wanted more from life, … Continue reading The Maid From Orleans

Me and Buzz and Growin’ & The Grand Canyon

Me and Buzz and Growin’ One night, me and Buzz were lying out back in his mama’s yard just hanging. We wanted to go hiking across the top of Yellow Ridge but his mama was having none of it. Since Buzz’s pappy had gone, she was feared people coming to her house and stealing things; to be honest with you, his mama had nothing worth … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Growin’ & The Grand Canyon

The House

Apart from an occasional family of coyotes, no one lives there any more. Leastways, not since Silas found his mother cold as ice in her bed that Thanksgiving. After they’d put her in the ground, he took the last of the money from the ginger jar and headed to the Panhandle to look up Sara, his sweetheart. Don’t let the way it looks fool you. … Continue reading The House

The Titanic in New York City – Adel and Dirk

Wednesday April 17th, 1912 Pier 60. NY,NY. That Wednesday morning, the sun shone, and a gentle breeze blew in from the sea. As far as Adel was concerned, she had everything in life she wanted. She lived in Brighton Beach at the bottom end of Brooklyn, and she had a job painting decorations on the rides at Coney Island. She had been in New York … Continue reading The Titanic in New York City – Adel and Dirk


Everyone knows where Goodlands is. It’s not too far from where you’ve been and not too close to where you’re going. It’s the kinda place where you find what you’re looking for, one way or another. And so it was on that Saturday, “Jalopy Saturday” as the Sheriff called it. “Always frightening those damned horses, what with all their tooting, and smoking and noise of … Continue reading Goodlands

The Old Man and The Moonshine Automobile

  The last thing my grandfather said to me was: “remember that old automobile is yours, Johnny”. And here I was, picking the hottest day of the summer of 1950 to travel by bus from a small town on the Hudson, down to Princeton. He and my grandmother had moved to Jersey just after they had got married in 1902. They had one son, my … Continue reading The Old Man and The Moonshine Automobile

The Time of Storms

I was trying to think back to what year all of this took place, and I guess I would be right in saying that Hank Williams was still alive and so it must have been sometime in the winter of ’49. I remember that year ‘cause my daddy was always singing Mister Williams’ song, ‘My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It’ and then he’d wink … Continue reading The Time of Storms

Me and Buzz and Girls

I remember the first time that Buzz fell in love. It was with a pretty girl called Sally Watson. Buzz had just hit thirteen years of age and his hormones were fit to be tied. I mean those things were running around his body and making him feel all sorts of things – good and bad. Sally Watson and her family had blown in from … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Girls

That Gregory Peck Incident

She’d been living in the city long enough to remember to call an elevator – the lift, and the place where she was standing right now was a bookshop not a store. London was a million miles away from northern Virginia but home was where God had placed her whereas this big city was her current choice in life. She had been born in the … Continue reading That Gregory Peck Incident

Once Upon A Time In New York City

I guess I’d been running ever since I’d left San Antonio; maybe it’s a universal truth that we’re all running from something, or maybe to something. Who knows? Who cares? Back then, back in that hot summer of 1977, I’d been looking for work all the way from Savannah, Georgia down to Texas. I’d found some work but it usually dried up quickly and I’d … Continue reading Once Upon A Time In New York City

Me and Buzz and the Candy Thief

I’m sittin’ here writin’ and thinkin’ ‘bout all of the stupid, stupidest things that Buzz has ever done in his life and I gotta tell you folks, I’m kinda spoiled for choice. There weren’t a day that went by, that Buzz didn’t show us all how far you could go in the stupid stakes. The great thing about him was that he never, ever cared … Continue reading Me and Buzz and the Candy Thief

Lives in 100 words

New York City, December 1963 I remember fighting a rather lonely wind as I crossed Central Park on that particular Wednesday before Christmas; an old faded newspaper flapped in the breeze against a wooden seat but I could still make out the headline: ‘JFK Dead’. They would be coming soon, those wise men from the east, the Beatles with their new English beat music. Perhaps … Continue reading Lives in 100 words

Me and Buzz and The End Of His Nose

I don’t know when Buzz noticed the thing on the end of his nose. I had seen it that morning but didn’t want to tell my pal on account that he thought he was the best lookin’ guy walkin’ on the face of this, here, Earth. I kid you not. So when Becky Walters said in her usual way: “You got a big red spot on … Continue reading Me and Buzz and The End Of His Nose

My Grandma’s Radio

He delivered it, all pleased with himself, the night of the electrical storm which stretched all the way across three counties. Old Jake had nothing else to give his sister, my grandmother, on her wedding day. It lived proudly in the corner of the room and worked its way into being part of the family. The night my father was born, my grandfather cranked it … Continue reading My Grandma’s Radio

The American Friend

She loved him. That much of the story is true. I know that because it’s written in green ink in her diary. Why else would I be taking her ashes half way across the world? She, Sarah my mother, met him, Donald the American, early in 1965. In those days the national anthem ‘God Save the Queen’ was played at the end of a movie. … Continue reading The American Friend

Me and Buzz and Fishin’

Buzz’s pappy left home only a day or two before Buzz’s fifth birthday and if I can re-call all that way back, his pappy told folks he was real ashamed that he couldn’t support his family and then disappeared to Tijuana with a flamenco dancer. Somehow I don’t think it was his family he wanted to give his support to. The day he left, me … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Fishin’

Pearblossom Highway

The moments that existed between the lights being turned off and the walk to bed were his to own for the briefest of times. They were an echo from the edge of a life; one that was now long gone. There had been a time when all he needed to think about was his own selfish needs but now he had the wife and kids. … Continue reading Pearblossom Highway

Me and Buzz and Thanksgivin’

It was probably a week ‘fore Thanksgivin’ that Buzz’s maw was taken from the house for her own good – leastways that’s what the Sheriff said. He never did explain properly what was goin’ on, and Buzz didn’t seemed that much concerned. The Sheriff then asked was it okay if Buzz came and stayed with my folks: I was about to answer when Buzz dug … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Thanksgivin’

Daisha Is The Mountain Person

Written for US educational group. Washington DC. Used with permission.  For grade 3 (8-year-old readers).  It’s a real scary thing living next to the tallest mountain in the world. All I have to do is look out of my bedroom window and there it is, Mount Everest, standing there in all its splendid magnificence, just behind the gas station. Both my daddy and my granddaddy … Continue reading Daisha Is The Mountain Person