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Today Is Going To Be A Great Day

“Today is going to be a great day,” said the little boy Whose mother unexpectedly opened her eyes Today is going to be a great day, smiled the old man As the pain in his hands stopped for a time Today is going to be a great day, laughed the young mum As she picked up the money from the street Today is going to … Continue reading Today Is Going To Be A Great Day

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What Are You Saving Yourself For?

You hesitate to say hello – To that girl or boy, To the stranger needing help, You think twice about some invitation – Another day, another time perhaps. You aren’t ready, least not today What with this and that, you have to do. And so that chance you should have taken, Has flown, has gone, has disappeared. What are you saving your little self for? … Continue reading What Are You Saving Yourself For?

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I Am So Proud Of You

  I am so proud of you, In so many ways, Proud of every sinew in your strained body, Proud, that even with a fractured heart, You can still stand and smile, Still look the world Straight in the face. I am so proud of you, For although you ached for love yourself, You gave yours away to those who needed it, Proud that when … Continue reading I Am So Proud Of You

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The Stars Want Her Back

When I first got to know her, She was fully formed. A woman with life, and humour and Dreams. And in the gaps between the dark times, She talks about her dreams, And all the reasons they never happened. But now we have a fight on our hands, For she is slowly leaking back Bit by bit, thought by thought, To where she came from. … Continue reading The Stars Want Her Back

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She Carries A ‘Phone

When she was a child, she carried the ‘phone to let her mother know where she was. ‘Oh mum, I’m fine’ When she was young, she carried the ‘phone in case her friends would call. The long, hot summer days and nights of fun. When she was older, she carried the ‘phone in case he called and asked her for another evening of laughter and … Continue reading She Carries A ‘Phone

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Painted Love

When the flowers had all but disappeared from Clare’s garden, she had replaced them by painting roses and daffodils on a brick wall at the rear of her flower bed. There would be no beautiful smells welcoming a visitor as they walked up her path, but then there hadn’t been any visitors in such a long time – at least not since that peculiar day. … Continue reading Painted Love

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A Brilliant Life

(I am happy to inform you that your piece, ‘A Brilliant Life’, has been selected for a community reading group project at the University of Northampton. ‘A Brilliant Life’ will not be sold and will be used for educational purposes only, but — as you hold the copyright to your stories — it is up to you to give permission for its use. If you … Continue reading A Brilliant Life

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Ronnie (Feb 12th)

I guess you never really know when your own will start but in hindsight I know his began on February the 11th at 10.23pm. 86,400 Ronnie was 19 and clever. He had worked hard to get to college and study a subject he loved – chemistry. Now I know what some of you may be thinking but that was what set Ronnie’s pulse racing. It was … Continue reading Ronnie (Feb 12th)

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Peter Rabbit

He remembers one night – when Peter was about twelve summers old – that he and his best friend were sitting in the light of the dusk, puffing a found cigarette butt and talking about love. Peter’s pal was excited about the prospect of kissing a girl – a human girl – and although Peter went along with the conversation, he couldn’t stop himself feeling … Continue reading Peter Rabbit

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Be Different

Story written for a charity. Every one of us is made just that little bit different to the next person. It’s what makes us all special. Sometimes we are happy with our little special differences and sometimes it can make someone unhappy. And so it was with Tommy. Since the day he was born he had what the doctor called, a cleft lip. When he … Continue reading Be Different

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No Two Ways

I guess the first thing I’ve got to say is – to do the things he did, you really have to believe that you are going to live for ever. Which isn’t exactly true: now is it? There was no two ways about it, least not at the start. At the beginning, he was expected by those around him to take the common road, and … Continue reading No Two Ways

ALICE – 1. Weird Wednesday

  You go to sleep at night and who’s to say that everything will be just the same the next day? During the War, folks would go to sleep in their shelter and awaken to a street flattened by bombs – but that’s not what I’m talking about, here. I’m referring to a night where you really do fall down the rabbit hole. That’s what … Continue reading ALICE – 1. Weird Wednesday


You see the lovers, sitting, Holding hands outside the café, Perfect you would think to yourself, Just perfect, Yet for a fleeting moment there is a look in one of their eyes Which screams, that the end has arrived. The woman walks the long street, watching and smiling at The babies in their prams, and the mothers and fathers, Smile back wondering what the woman … Continue reading EASY

The Promise

When you fall, I will catch you, When you call, I will be there, When you stumble, I will lift you, When you’re drowning, give you air, When you hurt then I will hold you, When you break, I’ll make you whole, When you’re down, I’ll make you smile, When you’re lost I’ll be your goal, When you’re weak, I’ll make the world turn, When … Continue reading The Promise

2018 – Next Year’s Love

Next year some people will leave your life And new ones will enter Next year some dreams will vanish And others, not thought of, will come out of the sun Next year you’ll make mistakes And you’ll survive them all Next year you’ll win some things and you’ll lose some things Next year some friends will fail to understand And some will grow to love … Continue reading 2018 – Next Year’s Love

The Last Human

We are only memories. I have memories as a kid, at least I think I do. About being with my mother when I was about four or five years of age, and we were crossing a bridge over a rail track. It was a winter sun and the air was as fresh as daisies. I could hear the ‘fut-fut-fut’ of the approaching steam train, whistling … Continue reading The Last Human

A Christmas Walk

He had always lived in the city. His parents had met there, and his brothers and sisters had been born there. Sometimes they’d visit the countryside, but it would always be on a blue-sky day. This led Andy to believe that the city was mostly a dark and wet place and it was the land beyond where the sun always warmed the land. He’d dreamt … Continue reading A Christmas Walk

The Morning of the Day…..

She could feel the sun on her heart, as its rays broke through the window. There was a bird, a blackbird, singing in the old twisted trees. She heard the cyclists from the city, shouting to one another as their bikes sailed past her front door. The aroma of the freshly made coffee had skipped the stairs and had, instead, entered her room through a … Continue reading The Morning of the Day…..

Every Breath You Take

His name was Charlie and he was a kid. Charlie was lucky enough to be living through his best years. His mother, father, brother and sisters were all well, all happy, and all in that little perfect bubble that happens from time to time in life. When Charlie was eight, he had his first birthday party which involved all his friends coming to his house. … Continue reading Every Breath You Take

A Story From A Room

Once upon a long ago, a man walked into a room. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the place – it was just a room. Simple as that. The first time the man walked into the room, he had spent too long listening to those who talk about darkness. Those are the souls who live, work, breathe, and create darkness. Their glass is always half-empty … Continue reading A Story From A Room

Maybe Next Time

The next time, I’ll say ‘hi’ when that moment first arises The next time, I’ll cross the street before the trouble starts The next time, I won’t put the money on that horse that lost me everything The next time, I’ll go with whom I love rather than who you said I should The next time, I will tell you that I’m unhappy and not … Continue reading Maybe Next Time

The Shoreham Stories – 1

THE SHOREHAM WILD ONES I suppose it all started on that wet Wednesday, at the cinema on St John’s Hill. Mavis had been walking up towards town when it had started to rain and had nothing to keep her head dry. Mavis had never been into one of those racy films before, certainly not one with an X certificate but she liked the look of … Continue reading The Shoreham Stories – 1

The Secret of Life

He wondered if maybe everyone else in the world knew the answer to it the question, and that perhaps he had been in the restroom when they were all being told. He couldn’t see why everyone else was able to smile, walk and talk at the same time and he found it impossible. Life was stupid, and sad, and basically it got him down. He … Continue reading The Secret of Life

The Legend of Little River

It was always the strangest of little towns, neither being a 100 miles from somewhere or a 100 from anywhere else. Folks mostly found it by accident is what I’m saying, no one ever really went looking for it. It was like a large hole in a road on a dark night – you just kind of just fell into it. That’s not to say … Continue reading The Legend of Little River

The Thursday Angel

She had been born on Christmas Day. As the woman with the watery eye had mentioned to her mother, “She is your little Christmas gift, your little bundle of joy”. And she was. She had grown in a very happy home, and that joy had penetrated her very bones. She had grown in body and soul and stood tall as one of life’s darlings. She … Continue reading The Thursday Angel

The Man Who Knew Where Love Was Hidden

There had always been wars. Even in the times of love and hope, there was always a reason to kill. From the 17th century onwards, wars got more complex: families fought families, brother against brother, rich against poor. If you were to ask when love started dying, it was probably at the dawn of the 20th century. For that was when Captain James Sandford, a … Continue reading The Man Who Knew Where Love Was Hidden

Strange Freedoms

TOMMY Tommy lived in a town where you had to be one thing or another. That was the way it was, that was the way it had probably always been. There was no room for neutrals, no room at all. The folks who lived on the north side of the street gave their allegiances to the blue team and those on the south gave theirs … Continue reading Strange Freedoms

Just Love

It’s a very short life, And an amazing one, Full of miracles and caring, With a universe or two, or maybe more, thrown in, All decked out with black holes and sunsets, And yet you chose to spend it hating, And loathing, and hitting and shouting, And name calling and abusing. Whatever this is, it’s a short life, And in your hating, You’ve missed the … Continue reading Just Love

They Came Today, The Angels

They came today, the angels, My turn, they said, my turn, And me, a watcher of the clouds, Had seen them fly for years, up, up, up, Spied through the brown glass ceilings of this old house. Out there, they’d scratch and scrape and hunt the heavens, In wings of gabardine and gossamer, To search for souls, like me. They came today, the angels, Out … Continue reading They Came Today, The Angels

The Perfect Seconds

It has been said that a man dies twice. Once, when his heart stops beating, and the second time, when his name is mentioned for the very last time. It was that final point which obsessed him, especially now – when he thought of what he was going to face. The plain, raw, truth of it all. The only anti-dote he had for his problems … Continue reading The Perfect Seconds

One Day My Friend, We’ll Soar

One day, my friend, we’ll soar, Far, high above these streets of darkened hearts, We’ll tilt our wings to freedom, And scrape the highest of the skies. One day, my friend, we’ll soar, Up there, all wrapped in splendid sunlight, Riding azure blue jet streams, Breathless with that rush of life and air. One day, my friend, we’ll soar, So let me take your broken … Continue reading One Day My Friend, We’ll Soar

On The Right Tracks

There is a little railway station just north of somewhere and to the east of that other place. And one time in your life, you’ll either have stood waiting on a train there or will have passed through it, I promise you. The station wasn’t anything special, it just helped people get into the city and received their tired bodies at the end of the … Continue reading On The Right Tracks

My Uncle Bertrand’s Dream

The year we moved from the 1800s to the 1900s, was the year that my Uncle Bertrand came to town. That man was larger as life and twice as bold. He’d made all his money in some venture in Morocco, Africa, at least that’s what they said about him – you could never tell about my uncle what was true and what wasn’t. Except maybe … Continue reading My Uncle Bertrand’s Dream

The Man on the Third Floor

You can make of this story what you want. You can throw it in the fire and see if I care. All I want to do is lay down the things the way they happened, and then you can make up your own minds. I guess with stuff of this nature, maybe your mind is already made up anyway. Still I reckon you might like … Continue reading The Man on the Third Floor

The Boy Who Lost Himself

The boy looked younger than his age, but for all that he was still full of the life force. The kid loved nothing better than running to the top of a hill and shouting out – ‘This Is Me!’. On one very sad and bad occasion the world tried to smash his little heart into pieces, and although there would always be a scar – … Continue reading The Boy Who Lost Himself

Frankie, Shoebuckle, Sunlight and Clutterbuck

FRANKIE Frankie never got to make a movie as a star She had to settle for standing at the back And waving to the troops, Or sometimes – smiling at the Romantic lead as he bought bananas from her. Frankie never got to make the movie of her life She just settled for standing back and being an Extra in everyone else’s.       … Continue reading Frankie, Shoebuckle, Sunlight and Clutterbuck

To Wonderland

Kings Cross Thameslink 2016 and 1976 There is a place. You might have noticed it, or maybe you haven’t, but if you take the train from south London, up towards the North, the station is there. It’s in between Thameslink and St. Pancras and no one gets off – at least, not unless they are meant to – and it’s here that it happens. This … Continue reading To Wonderland

Finding Beauty

As she watched the Robin look through her window She was sure it was smiling It might even be looking at her. Upstairs her mother lay, Motionless – gone now, Soon she would have to telephone someone, And tell the world, But until then, she would just watch the smiling bird.   The light of his universe came into the room, His granddaughter smiled and … Continue reading Finding Beauty

Mole Hills and Mountains

Olivia had been playing out in the yard when she’d heard a door bang in the house. As she got nearer to the porch, she could hear her Grandpa hollerin’ about this and that but mostly about Old Chief Makkawaw who lived up on Old Creek Road. Then her Grandpa slammed the door again. This kind of thing wasn’t like her Grandpa at all, so … Continue reading Mole Hills and Mountains

Me and Buzz and Soccer

One of the other times that Buzz had a mid-life crisis was that summer when his first hair grew out of his chin. You would have thought that he was Fu Man Choo or somethin’. He’s tellin’ me he ain’t decided if he’s gonna let it grow into a full beard, or trim it using his Paw’s old razor. The one his Paw left him … Continue reading Me and Buzz and Soccer

A Shoreham Light

To say that the village was different from other villages would be stating the obvious. It was a magical little place where small miracles occurred each, and every day. It was the village which chose you, and not the other way about. It was a place that you felt you’d discovered by accident, but you were probably heading towards it all your life. It cared … Continue reading A Shoreham Light