Three Thousand Miles of Heaven

They had first gone there when the world was a more complicated place and their lives were just plain and simple. Everything they wanted or needed, seemed easier to get back then. They had married in a small church in Big Indian, a town snuggled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. When Tony had suggested that they go on a honeymoon, he had been thinking more … Continue reading Three Thousand Miles of Heaven

Where We Met

They had met in the reading room of the British Library. One blue set of eyes met with another set of gray and the rest, as they say, is history. She was probably a little older than him, and she was half way through her doctorate in Greek Civilization (and its impact on social structures). He was a mathematician who was studying for his masters, … Continue reading Where We Met

The Boy Who Loved To Handstand

Charlie lived in grey house which stood in a grey street which weaved its way through a grey town. He wasn’t an unhappy kid – on the contrary, Charlie saw the world both as beautiful and crazy all at the same time. But where Charlie was alone was in the way he looked at the world. He knew that there was more to life than … Continue reading The Boy Who Loved To Handstand

That Gregory Peck Incident

She’d been living in the city long enough to remember to call an elevator – the lift, and the place where she was standing right now was a bookshop not a store. London was a million miles away from northern Virginia but home was where God had placed her whereas this big city was her current choice in life. She had been born in the … Continue reading That Gregory Peck Incident