Young Jed’s Story

Young Jed’s father, Old Jed, had been the best darn garage man in this part of the county. It wasn’t just him who said it, everyone did. Old Jed had dedicated his life to the good folks of Cesarwood and their little automobiles – which was a good thing, considering the horseless carriage didn’t make it into Old Jed’s life until he was in his … Continue reading Young Jed’s Story

A Child of a Lesser God

The full moon had formed over Thing’s cave 12 times when he decided that enough was enough. He now realised that his mother and father were not coming back home. Where ever they were, he hoped with all his heart that they were happy. That night, Thing sat at the mouth of his cave and thought about all the stuff that concerned him. He needed … Continue reading A Child of a Lesser God

A Story From A Room

Once upon a long ago, a man walked into a room. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the place – it was just a room. Simple as that. The first time the man walked into the room, he had spent too long listening to those who talk about darkness. Those are the souls who live, work, breathe, and create darkness. Their glass is always half-empty … Continue reading A Story From A Room

Finding Beauty

As she watched the Robin look through her window She was sure it was smiling It might even be looking at her. Upstairs her mother lay, Motionless – gone now, Soon she would have to telephone someone, And tell the world, But until then, she would just watch the smiling bird.   The light of his universe came into the room, His granddaughter smiled and … Continue reading Finding Beauty


The name of the first one was Sadie. That would have been sometime during the Civil War, probably around 1863. There was a story that some Confederate troops on their way back from Vicksburg had taken the family hostage. When Sadie’s parents heard the news of some stragglers heading towards their home, her father had made them all take shelter in the cellar. It was … Continue reading Hallowe’en.