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The Stalk Exchange

  If I had started the story, ‘once upon a time’ it might have given me more leeway with the […]


H old O n, P ain E nds   H ave O nly P ositive E xpectations   H appiness […]


I know you’re tired of that twisted road, Tired of climbing those hills, Tired of getting to the top of […]

I Am So Proud Of You

  I am so proud of you, In so many ways, Proud of every sinew in your strained body, Proud, […]

To Fill A Human Heart

To fill a human soul, Takes strength and smiles, To fill a human head, Takes wisdom and time, To fill […]

My Favourite Thought

You are my favourite thought, favourite smile, favourite life, You’re my first thing in the morning and my last thing […]

She Carries A ‘Phone

When she was a child, she carried the ‘phone to let her mother know where she was. ‘Oh mum, I’m […]

Four Shots of Wry

Breathless ….if she had looked up at that moment, his nurse would have seen his toes moving in waltz time […]

Painted Love

When the flowers had all but disappeared from Clare’s garden, she had replaced them by painting roses and daffodils on […]

The Word Hooker

It was the strangest of times. The world was full, as were other worlds, of course, but the old one, […]

Martha’s Room

Martha had a room, one that she would refer to as a ‘spare room’. Not that the size of her […]

A Brilliant Life

(I am happy to inform you that your piece, ‘A Brilliant Life’, has been selected for a community reading group […]


No one I know ever really picks writing, As a sane thing to do with their lives, It waits in […]

A House

I hear tell that the house is still there, still standing like. Leastways I heard that was the truth of […]

The Dancers

When they were about five years old, she stumbled as they danced to the Christmas music playing on the old […]

Ronnie (Feb 12th)

I guess you never really know when your own will start but in hindsight I know his began on February […]

Stand Up To Cancer

No one will stand by your grave and weep Nor will they talk of long-lost friends No one will raise […]

Peter Rabbit

He remembers one night – when Peter was about twelve summers old – that he and his best friend were […]

The Ice Ghosts

  based on a true story  She could taste the sea on her lips as she drove her Hudson Super […]

Amy and Hector

There are two people in this story – as well as Hector. Hector’s the elephant. The little girl is Amy, […]


Don’t think that all of this will last, As the darkness wears your heart away, One day, Someday, When you […]

Once in a Blue Moon

Strange things happen to nice people. There I’ve said it, but it don’t make it any less true, friends. I […]

Lincoln’s Watch

I’d been working in Washington D.C. for a few weeks in the late fall of 1947 when I decided to […]


She liked to call him ‘Joseph’, that way he seemed a bit more human. It was her turn tonight to […]


…if she had looked up at that moment, his nurse would have seen his toes moving in waltz time to […]

Be Different

Story written for a charity. Every one of us is made just that little bit different to the next person. […]

No Two Ways

I guess the first thing I’ve got to say is – to do the things he did, you really have […]

Grandpa is An Alien

If you asked the Melt family in public where they came from, then they’d always answer with: ‘Why, Churchill Avenue […]

That Perfect Moment

When I was a kid, my whole world was Hell’s Kitchen. Heck, it was my whole universe too – because […]

Skiing In Central Park

I don’t think there was a precise time when you could say that they actually met; instead it would be […]

UR : RU?

  U R Loved. R U Loving? U R Hope R U Hoping? U R Life R U Living? U […]

While I Was Out Walking

Sometime while I was out walking, the wind changed, No longer at my back with my face always towards the […]

The Man From Montana

It was on a mild Spring Thursday morning when it happened. No church bells, or fireworks, or even a spontaneous […]

The Montana Express

The Montana Express was a wind that found its temperature somewhere around the northern end of Canada and then didn’t […]

Future Stories

Her Stories Stories. That was all she had, that was all she would ever have. The ability to create worlds, […]

The Proof of God

He could do nothing but stare at the paper. Then he re-checked it and checked it again. He was trembling. […]

Lahti, Finland

The Midnight sun seared the ice-cracked streets. He sat drinking a Finnish beer and watching the old vintage cars making […]

Thing and His Song

Thing was never going to sing at the Paris Opera but that wasn’t the point; he sang because he liked […]

The One You Hate

The things you see inside of me Are never really there, The things despised, or criticised, Belong to you, not […]

Write or Wrong

I never really quite belonged, To anyone or anywhere, Except the worlds inside my head, I’m always made so welcome […]

The Polka Dot Comet Kid

The night that Sally was born, the comet, Hale-Bopp lit the skies above the hospital as she lay, crying. She […]

Learn To Climb Trees

Learn to climb trees, And live with skinned knees, Learn to jump gaps and laugh, Learn to handstand, Play a […]


You see the lovers, sitting, Holding hands outside the café, Perfect you would think to yourself, Just perfect, Yet for […]

Strange Loves

    She hadn’t spoken to him, but then again, she didn’t need to. She knew what made him tick, […]

On The Third Day

It happened in the time of war, and when Zachariah was at the right place, and at the right time […]

100 Words to Freedom

I think I walked the length of the street with a great huge grin on my face. I wasn’t sure […]

Never Ever Let Them Get You Down

1.Just ‘Cause You’re Breathing Just ‘cause you’re breathing, Doesn’t mean you’re alive, Just ‘cause you’re clever, Doesn’t mean that you’re […]

The Promise

When you fall, I will catch you, When you call, I will be there, When you stumble, I will lift […]


I guess it was murder that afternoon, trying to get to the coast on a train; despite the thunderstorms, flash […]

To Catch A Warm Wind

So you’re asking me what’s the story of this photograph, and I’m saying to you, just rest your bones a […]

Me and Buzz and Lyin’

There was a time back then, a long time after Buzz’s pappy had left for somewhere down south, that Buzz […]

The Christmas Meal

When Sadie was ten years old, her mother ran away with another man and Sadie never laid eyes on her […]

The Songbird

Some hearts are born to do certain tasks, and so it was with the songbird. She had been brought into […]

Santa is a Weirdo

Sometimes you just do and sometimes it ain’t happening; and that pretty much explains my life and everyone I know. […]

A Kind of Love

Every year it was the same thing; was it going to be a big Valentine’s card (looks too needy)? A […]

Amazing Grace

It’s funny how no one talks about Amazing Grace anymore. I guess she’s been gone a long time. I guess […]

Yellow Balloon

His name was Charlie and he was a kid. Charlie was lucky enough to be living through his best years. […]


Ever since he was little, folks had always been telling him how he should live; that he should ‘do it […]


It wasn’t hurting anyone; now was it?  She’d give the kids a difficult problem to solve, although if she was […]

THING and the Lesson

Ever since Thing had been left to fend for himself, he had grown a little harder to life. I suppose […]

Thank You for Today

Thank you for today, Not everything was good, But then not everything was bad, I woke up sad and somewhere […]

The Inscription

No one, and I mean no one, had ever seen the likes of the inscription before. It had lain undiscovered […]


I remember one fine day, I was sitting with my Grandpa. He looked at me inquisitive like. “What’s eating your […]

The House by the Sea

There was love above and below me in that house that stood beside the sea. On clear days I could […]

THING and the Lesson

Ever since Thing had been left to fend for himself, he had grown a little harder to life. I suppose […]

Martha’s Room

Martha had a room, one that she would refer to as a ‘spare room’. Not that the size of her […]

I Will Remember You

I will remember you when the best of you has gone I will remember you when the song you loved […]

How I Was

It was only a few short summers between my mother asking, ‘how I was’ and her asking ‘who I was’. […]

Someone Else’s Perfect

Don’t waste your breath, Being someone else’s perfect, Don’t struggle or crawl across Someone else’s winning line, Make it your […]